Personal Selections from Art Fair 2018

Four Art Directors from Rogue went on a field trip to Art Fair 2018 and picked out a few of their favorites.

by Rogue

For about half a decade now, Art Fair Philippines has served as a widely popular (and wildly successful) platform for exhibiting and selling modern and contemporary visual art. With the metro’s best galleries and independent artists filling up three floors of a carpark and an endless stream of art enthusiasts coming and going, the fair has gained traction over the years as “the place to be.” Without missing a beat, Rogue’s Art Team visited on opening day and took note of their favourites from all the pieces on display.


Pia Samson


(Description not found near painting.)

An intuitive understanding of light and the usage of vibrant, saturated colors amidst a hazy atmosphere automatically draws you in, evoking a feeling of peaceful idleness and childlike curiosity.


Mags Ocampo

Eduardo Masferré’s photos for 1335 Mabini’s booth

‘Kin’ by Neal Oshima. Photography.

‘In The Field’ by Paco Guerrero. Photography.

I firmly believe that the stars of this year’s Art Fair were the photography exhibits—my favourites being collections from Neal Oshima, Paco Guerrero, and Eduardo Masferré. All three photographers mostly exhibited portraits of indigenous people, moments caught and created over years of travel. I love the way these photographs in particular look as though they could have come from the pages of a fashion magazine (the kind of pages I would rip out and stick on my wall for inspiration). The images are tender but chic—does that make sense given that “chicness” often comes hand in hand with severity? Anyway, when it comes right down to it, I guess I was drawn to them because they are the most relevant to me and my line of work.


Andrew Panopio


“Untitled” by Justin Nuyda. Oil on Canvas

I like how the composition mixes the desolation of what appears to be a landscape and the lucidity of the different directions of the strokes. It combines familiarity with uncertainty and I could get lost in it imagining myself walking through it.


‘Yellow and White on Deep Blue’ by Marina Cruz. Oil on Canvas.

The size of the painting got to me – like i was floating up close to this person’s torso. At the same time it felt distant too, seeing all the details clearly with no blurring at the peripherals. I felt a play of vulnerability and longingness with this painting.

Mark Santiago


This is one out of a series of portraits by Emil Alarcon. I really liked that despite how it was painted so abstractly, you still immediately get what it is upon first glance. You get a sense of which strokes make the hair, the ears, and the different planes of the face. I always find it interesting to see the many different ways a face or portrait can be rendered, and the way this particular portrait was rendered stood out to me.


Art Fair Philippines runs from March 1-4, 2018 at The Link Car Park.