While We’re Young: A H&M Spring 2018 Story

A style guide to H&M’s 2018 spring collection by Rogue

by Rogue

Hanging out with friends means going through little transformations. You become lighter on your feet. You stop fussing over your day at work.

The places you’ve been and the places you’re going become sites where memories are made. Your language becomes secret code. You become more of yourself. And when you transform, you let yourself open up.

You share a plate of food, race through the city together, tell the same stories and laugh at the same punch lines over and over. Before you know it, the parties are over and the sun is coming up. But you’ve all got the same creases on your shirts and the same dirt on your shoes as a reminder that you’ll always be cut from the same cloth.


This new season sees retail giant H&M presenting the menswear collection that is equal parts playful, relaxed, sharp, and most of all, wearable. Staples like light colored button-down shirts and denim are understated but undeniably fresh for the season, while striped sweaters paired with white jeans and leather shoes give an elevated everyday look. A play on floral shirts and printed tops (bonus: a Nicki Minaj denim jacket) create menswear looks that are not too directional but not boring either. As an alternative, graphic t-shirts (with the words ‘PEACE’ and ‘LOVE YOUR HOOD’) and camo printed pants and jackets create fun, boyish combinations.


In true Spring fashion, light colors are everywhere, most notably a Dijon mustard-colored t-shirt that, if worn with an inner striped long-sleeved t-shirt, can bring playful to the next level. The Spring color palette also extended to sweaters, hoodies and swim shorts that come in bright orange, mint, blue and pink. A selection of style-bolstering accessories is also in sight like sunglasses, body bags and belts.


See the looks from H&M’s Spring 2018 collection. Now in-store.