November 6, 2015

Why the SPECTRE timepieces are the truest James Bond watches

Words by Mio Borromeo

After 20 years of the Omega-Bond partnership, we turn our attention to SPECTRE’s watches-of-choice

The OMEGA Seamaster 300 Bond_233.

There’s nothing wrong with the Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M. It’s a beautiful watch, marked by colors that have never graced any of James Bond’s prior OMEGA pieces. Some might even call it the essential Bond watch, as the seconds hand bears the Bond family coat of arms, the caseback is cut to resemble the iconic gun barrel that opens every film, and the watch’s magnetic field is cranked up (only slightly so) to 15,007.

But why do we find ourselves so drawn to the gold-on-ubiquitous-black Seamaster 300 that Daniel Craig ends up wearing throughout most of SPECTRE?

It might have to do, first of all, with its subtlety. While the Aqua Terra screams Bond, the Seamaster 300 only bears the number “007” on the bracelet strap holder. It doesn’t attempt to show off that it is a watch fit for a double-0 as much as it functions as one. The piece’s black ceramic bezel is bi-directional, and paired with a LiquidMetal 12 hour scale, OMEGA boasts that the watch can keep time in any country in the world for wearers on-the-go.

The watch strap is a five-stripe black and gray NATO strap — dubbed the James Bond NATO strap — allowing some stylish variation with the shiny chrome of the stainless steel case before returning to black once again in the dial. Meanwhile, the watch is driven inside by the revolutionary OMEGA Master Co-Axial calibre 8400, a feature that suggests that the watch’s technology is only as up-to-date as Bond’s array of gadgets are. It’s a watch that ought to make the wearer feel as if it were issued straight from Q-Branch.

Perhaps it also has to do with the watch’s sense of exclusivity. In Skyfall, Bond’s standard Walther was equipped with a palm-print reader, so that only he could fire the gun. In that sense, the Walther was truly his, no one else’s. Each Seamaster 300 “SPECTRE” has printed on its back a unique serial number, which might not be as personal as Bond’s Walther, but considering how many pieces of this model OMEGA actually made, it’s just as good as that. The Seamaster 300 “SPECTRE” is even more exclusive than the Aqua Terra, of which 15,007 pieces were made. Of the Seamaster “SPECTRE” there are for obvious reasons only 7,007 pieces.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with the Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M. It’s a timepiece that’s unmistakably Bond, and a sure collectible for any die-hard fan of the series and the lifestyle it’s inspired. Consider instead the Seamaster “SPECTRE” another Bond watch of its own kind, as if a watch in a dinner jacket.



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