This Week In Cinemas – Oct 25, 2017

Empoy Marquez butts heads with Chris Hemsworth in a battle for the ages

by Philbert Dy

We are deep in the midst of QCinema, so you might already be drowning in movies. Fortunately, this week there are only a couple of new options for the fatigued moviegoer. Taking up most theaters this week is Thor: Ragnarok, the latest film set in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the other end of the spectrum is the Dennis Padilla-directed comedy action film The Barker, starring Kita Kita star Empoy Marquez. It seems unlikely that the local film is going to do much business against the foreign juggernaut, but nobody expected Kita Kita to do well, either.


Local Releases:



Yeah, we don’t know what to do with that subtitle, either. Anyway, Empoy Marquez plays a jeepney barker who somehow gets caught up in some police business because of his infatuation with Shy Carlos’ character. Based on the trailer, and Ronnie Lazaro’s white suit and Panama hat, the film is setting out to be an action throwback. And that could be interesting, especially since Dennis Padilla probably has a deep and abiding affection for that particular era of our cinema.


Foreign Releases:



So, several of us here at Rogue have actually seen this movie, and if your main complaint about the Marvel films is that they generally feel the same, you’re in luck. Thor: Ragnarok is really mostly a wacky comedy that happens to feature characters named “Thor” and “Loki.” Chris Hemsworth takes a different approach to playing the Norse god, dropping the stoic godliness in favor of goofy swagger. It’s a good time, though there are certainly people who will hate this film for feeling different.


Special Engagements:




The Quezon City International Film Festival continues to roll on. Among the Circle films, Khavn’s Balangiga seems to be getting all the buzz. But do try to catch everything so we can continue to argue about what Filipino cinema is supposed to be.




This week, the Cine Lokal theaters will play host to Ligaw – Based on a True Story, where Melissa Ricks plays a woman who makes a pact with an evil entity in order to take revenge on the people that abused her.




Over the weekend, the Film Center is going to be screening the films of Zig Dulay: M: Mother’s Maiden Name, Bambanti, and Paglipay.