This Week In Cinemas – May 9, 2018

Local cinemas decide to once again have too many films to see

by Philbert Dy

Ten new movies are opening this week. And that’s not even counting the eight new local features premiering at the CineFilipino Film Festival. Let’s cut this short. There are too many movies to get to.

Local Releases:




Paolo Ballesteros plays a man who finds out that he is the father of a child with his ex-girlfriend, played by Solenn Heussaff. The twist here is that Paolo Ballesteros’ character is gay, which pretty much explains the title. He struggles in his new role as parent, especially as he tries to hide his true nature from his new son. The film is directed by Eric Quizon. People might have forgotten that Quizon is actually a pretty prolific director, though he’s mostly worked on television for the last decade or so.





Five young men (Julian Trono, Jack Reid, Andrew Muhlach, Vitto Marquez and Dan Huschka) band together for a group school project, and they all deal with separate conflicts concerning their families or their love lives. The five are being packaged together as the #Fbois, which is either a profound misunderstanding of what that implies, or just an overall acceptance of what these boys bring to the picture. Either way, it’s kind of funny.


Foreign Releases:





Nick Robinson is a closeted young teen who forms a secret connection over the Internet with another closeted teen who makes an anonymous confession on a Postsecret-like blog. While the movie largely sets out to be teenage romantic fluff, one probably shouldn’t miss the fact that the existence of this movie is kind of astounding: a commercial romantic film with a gay lead character being portrayed as a normal, all-American dude. The utter banality of the main character feels oddly progressive.





Charlize Theron plays a mother of three who is gifted the services of a night nanny (played by Halt and Catch Fire’s Mackenzie Davis) by her brother. While she is at first reluctant to let this stranger into her home to take care of her kids, she comes to form a bond with this quirky new person in her life. This is the third collaboration for director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody. Now, liking Juno isn’t really cool anymore, home skillet. But advance word on this film has been pretty positive.





As the title might suggest, the film is built around a game of truth or dare. But in this film’s reality, those who don’t tell the truth or refuse to carry out a dare are punished by some supernatural force. This is the latest Blumhouse horror feature: another somewhat low-budget but glossy startle-a-thon with low-to-modest ambitions. It’s probably going to do pretty well.





A pair of burglars (Robert Sheehan and Carlito Olivero) break into a home and stumble on to a woman being held captive. The two end up playing a deadly game with a psychotic magnate played by David Tennant. It looks like complete schlock, but that might not be a bad thing. It’s also kind of interesting to see director Dean Devlin working on a movie that doesn’t involve entire cities being destroyed.





An ordinary guy is abducted and becomes a test subject for mad scientist who intends to save the world from an existential threat. It’s the debut feature for visual effects artist Matthew Santoro, who in the trailer for this film is referred to as a “visionary director.” That might strike people as a little presumptuous, but that phrase has a lot of value over the last decade or so, since practically everybody who makes a vaguely sci-fi film is referred to as a visionary.




Not to be confused with The Nun, the upcoming movie that’s a spinoff of The Conjuring series of films. This is a movie about a woman suffering from trauma looking forward to starting over, only to be haunted by a violent spirit of a deranged nun. Again: this isn’t The Nun. The SM Cinema website links to a promo clip for The Nun, which is a real problem. There isn’t even a trailer available for this film online, as far as we can tell. But this isn’t The Nun. Please don’t watch this movie expecting The Nun. THIS IS NOT THAT MOVIE.





Antonio Banderas is a reclusive writer having trouble with a screenplay. He picks up an intense hitchhiker played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who ends up staying with him at his cabin and intruding into his life and work. And also, he might be some sort of murderer. Or is he? We don’t really know.





The world of Bungo Stray Dogs is one where some people are gifted with special abilities, which they use for business and other things. The film kicks off with the sudden suicides of hundreds of these people, and a group of superpowered detectives try to get to the bottom of this strange phenomenon. Yes, this is an anime film. No, we can’t really explain the title, either.


Special Engagements:




The third edition of the CIneFilipino film festival brings eight new features, which will be screening in six SM cinemas across Metro Manila, as well as Gateway and Greenbelt 1. Three sets of shorts will also be screening at these venues, and at the micro cinemas Black Maria and Cinema Centenario.



The films of T.Rex Entertainment are screening today and tomorrow at the Film Institute: Patay na si Hesus, Deadma Walking, Moonlight Over Baler, and Hermano Puli.