March 1, 2017

This Week in Cinemas – March 1, 2017

Words by Philbert Dy
Mar 1 TWIC

Is Moonlight ever going to screen in the Philippines? We don’t know. There’s been no indication that this year’s best picture at the Oscars is going to be screening locally. But not all is lost. We’ve got a couple of local films opening, as well as a belated sequel to a modern classic. And we’re also getting a really strange take on the blockbuster superhero film. And we’ve got local cinema classics for people out there who like old things. Here’s a rundown of what’s opening this week:


Local Releases:



Jasmine Curtis-Smith stars as Alex, a young lesbian creative whose sexuality is known to everyone around her except her best friend Jess, played by Louise de los Reyes. Jess eventually finds out the truth, and the two have a reckoning. Screenings of the film were sold out all throughout its run during the Cinema One Originals festival last year. So if you missed it then, now’s your chance to see it.
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Finally, a film that adapts the local nursery rhyme. According to press materials, Tatlong Bibe is “a movie about love and hope, and of giving, sharing, and forgiving.” Those are all good things, we suppose. The film stars Lyka Gairanod, Raikko Matteo, Marco Masa, along with the likes of Eddie Garcia, Rita Avila, and Angel Aquino. And Dionisia Pacquiao. Let’s not forget Mommy D.


Foreign Releases:



Over twenty years after Trainspotting, we’re getting a sequel. The film reunites the original cast, and has them running all around Edinburgh again, getting into all manner of trouble. But now, they’re twenty years older! Everything hurts more! The film opens in limited release, exclusively in Ayala Cinemas (Trinoma and Glorietta).


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Hugh Jackman plays The Wolverine for the final time in a film that is not at all like any of the superhero movies out there. The film is essentially a stealth remake of George Stevens’ 1953 Western Shane, replacing the titular cowboy with the titular berserker mutant. So basically, James Mangold tricked Fox into making a big-budget remake of a film that mass audiences probably don’t know. It’s great.

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The subject of some recent controversy opens in cinemas this week. A Dog’s Purpose is about a canine that is reincarnated into several different dogs before finding his way back to his original owner. This seemingly benign family movie gained some flack after some footage emerged of alleged animal abuse. Given our own recent controversies regarding films and animal abuse, this whole kerfuffle seems comparatively quaint.



Sam Worthington stars as a man unable to move on from the apparent abduction and death of his daughter. And then he gets a mysterious invitation from God to go to the shack where his daughter may have murdered. This sounds really fucked up, but the trailer makes it seem like it’s going to be a sensitive drama about moving on from grief. Maybe it’s both!



So there’s this small subgenre of horror films that are about scary things happening on the Internet. A college girl accepts a friend request from what turns out to some sort of vengeful spirit, which in turn leads to her friends dying one by one. Now, the Internet is indeed a scary place, but it isn’t because of ghosts. When do we get that horror movie about Breitbart?



This week in films no one has really heard about: Day of Reckoning, which apparently came out last year and is about one family’s struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic setting on a day when demons return to Earth. So while we haven’t gotten five of the nine Oscar best picture nominees in our cinemas, we are getting this movie. Cool, cool.



ABS-CBN Film Restoration returns to cinemas with more restored Filipino classics. This time, the lineup is headlined by Carlos Siguion-Reyna’s Hihintayin Kita sa Langit, a Richard Gomez/Dawn Zulueta starrer from 1991 that’s also an adaptation of Wuthering Heights.



No screenings, but the UP Film Institute is starting its season of film workshops. Interested in getting into film production? This is a good place to start.

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