This Week In Cinemas – June 6, 2018

Dinosaurs roar back in cinemas

by Philbert Dy


Not a lot of movies this week. The one big release is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, a direct sequel to the 2015 film starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, which in turn was a resurrection of the franchise which had already jumped the shark all the way back in 2001. Filling up some cinemas instead this week will be the 23rd edition of the French Film Festival, which will once again bring us a pretty eclectic assortment of French-language films.


Local Releases:




Foreign Releases:



Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard reprise their roles from Jurassic World, as the characters return to the island to rescue some dinosaurs before a massive volcanic eruption that could wipe them all out. Adding a wrinkle to this whole endeavor is director JA Bayona, probably best known for the horror movie The Orphanage and the more recent A Monster Calls. It’s his presence that could end up making this film something more than your average big-budget franchise sequel.



This is a movie by Wim Wenders, the German filmmaker behind the beloved Wings of Desire. Alicia Vikander is a marine biologist heading into the deep sea for her study. James McAvoy is a spy posing as a water engineer who ends up in the clutches of terrorists. As the undergo various physical and mental trials, they think back to a mutual encounter during Christmas in the last year. Wenders’ stock has fallen steeply over the last decade or so, but this film sure does sound like the kind of thing he could make work.



Katee Sackhoff plays a sculptor whose boyfriend tempts fate by testing out an urban legend concerning knocking on the door of a famed witch. Predictably, things go awry. The boyfriend ends up vanishing, leaving our heroine alone to deal with a violent spirit that follows her home. So if you’re looking for yet another horror movie where someone is explicitly told not to do something and they do it anyway, this might be a good option.



The diminutive anime detective is back in his twenty-second feature film outing. Conan Edogawa, a genius teenage detective trapped in the body of a child investigates a bombing at a newly built venue at Tokyo Bay meant to be the setting of a massive summit. There’s probably little to gain here if you aren’t already a fan of the series, but these films generally do stand on their way, even with little knowledge of the pretty lengthy history of these characters.


Special Engagements:




The French Film Festival will be screening films at Greenbelt, Bonifacio High Street, and UP Town Center until June 12. This year, they’re doing a Jean-Pierre Melville retrospective, so prepare yourself to sit through the thrills of The Red Circle and the harrowing brilliance of Army of Shadows. Also, this is your chance to see Personal Shopper on the big screen. It’s very good.




The Freedom X Pride lineup at Cinema Centenario rolls on. If you missed Ang Panahon ng Halimaw in cinemas, you have a chance to catch it at a more intimate setting on Independence Day. And this weekend, on June 9, there will be a very special screening of Victor Delotavo’s documentary Yield, which follows nine children living in poverty over the course of five harrowing years.