This Week In Cinemas – July 5, 2017

We hope you like Spider-Man, because he’s pretty much all you’re getting this week.

by Philbert Dy

So this isn’t one of those weeks where we get an eclectic mix of films. The only new movie opening in cinemas this week is Spider-Man: Homecoming. The film features the Spider-Man that first appeared in Captain America: Civil War, the third version of the character we’ve gotten on the big screen. But this time he’s in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! So Iron Man shows up! A lot!



If that’s not your speed, you should amble over to the Shang Cineplex, where they are holding the latest edition of Eiga Sai, the annual Japanese film festival. Even if Spider-Man is your speed, you should probably amble over there anyway. It’s quite the lineup.


Local Releases:




Foreign Releases:


Opening July 6





Tom Holland is the third actor to play Peter Parker, the high school student who got bitten by a radioactive spider and was given the proportionate speed and strength of the arachnid. The film differentiates itself from the previous two versions by being part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, which actually turns out to be kind of an obstacle for a film that wants to tell a story about a superhero who works at ground level and is dealing with all manner of minor high school dramas. It’s a fun, mostly well-made film with great performances, but one gets the sense that it doesn’t actually benefit from its connection to the big blockbuster franchise. Ah well.


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Special Engagements:




Eiga Sai opens on July 6 with an invitational screening of Her Love Boils Bathwater. Screenings are open to the public on the following days, with tickets going for 100 pesos each. Go and see these films. Here are a few recommendations: Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Creepy is indeed creepy, but in very strange ways.The opening film Her Love Boils Bathwater is kind of an endearing mess of unabashed bittersweet positivity. Fans of films about food might want to check out Naomi Kawase’s Sweet Bean. Brace yourself, though. It’s not as cute and fluffy as the synopsis might suggest.




The restored Sa Aking Mga Kamay wraps up its run on Thursday. Eduardo Roy’s Pamilya Ordinaryo follows it. If you missed it during its brief commercial run, this is yet another chance to see one of the best films of last year.




They’re shining a spotlight on the films of writer/director Will Fredo. Up through Wednesday next week, they’ll be screening Compound, The Caregiver, and In Nomine Matris.




On July 8, as part of a program of films set in the time of Picasso’s Guernica, they’re screening Jose Luis Cuerda’s Butterfly’s Tongue (La lengua de las mariposas). On July 9, they’re screening a pair of films from Argentina: Mujeres con pelotas and Argentina Futbol Club.




On July 5, they’re offering a free screening of Pierre Schoeller’s Versailles, a drama set on the fringes of French society. On July 12, Claude Drexel’s documentary The Edges of the World works within the same ballpark, studying thirteen people in Paris who have lost their homes.