This Week In Cinemas – April 25, 2018

We hope you like The Avengers.

by Philbert Dy


This week, we’re getting one movie in wide release. Just one. That movie is Avengers: Infinity War, which collects characters from no less than seven separate Marvel Cinematic Universe franchises and has them facing off against a massive world-ending threat. There isn’t really a lot to say here: people have been breathlessly anticipating this film, and they’re probably going to talk about it for at least a month to come. Prepare yourself for the thinkpieces. All the thinkpieces.


Local Releases:




Foreign Releases:





Ten years of interconnected superhero movies have led up to this: a completely absurd collision of characters from multiple billion-dollar franchises. It is likely going to be the biggest movie of the year. SM Cinemas are opening at 8AM all this week to accommodate all the people who want to see Star-Lord rub shoulders with Black Panther. Thanos, first teased in the fist Avengers movie, finally arrives on the big screen played by Josh Brolin, and he’s probably going to kill some of the characters. It feels completely unlikely that a movie with this many characters could possibly be good, or even just cohesive. And given that this is just part one of a two-part story, it probably isn’t even going to give people a satisfying ending. But who are we kidding? We’re all going to see this film, get our dose of superhero endorphins, and grouse at the inevitable backlash. This is just how we go to the movies now.


Special Engagements:




This week, if you’re trying to avoid the Avengers crowds, maybe you should head over to Maginhawa to catch a screening of Apocalypse Child, which remains one of the best films of the last decade of Filipino films. Or perhaps you might want to enter an altered state and check out screenings of Superpsychocebu or Si Magdalola at ang mga Gago. On Sunday, there’s a program called Gatilyo, which is a series of EJK-themed short films. Because not everyone wants superhero escapism from their cinema.




On Wednesday, there are screenings of Posas and Qwerty. On Thursday, they’re screening Park Chan-wook’s Joint Security Area. On Friday, in the videotheque, The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is screening a pair of films: Sweet Taste of Imagination and Mazar-i-Sharif.




Over in Mandaluyong, Black Maria has been screening restored cinema classics all week. Today and tomorrow are the last two days of screening, but if you’ve got the time, you might want to see Got 2 Believe, Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara, and Hihintayin Kita sa Langit.




Catch screenings of Women of the Weeping River, Ang Taba Ko Kasi, Pauwi Na, and Patay Na si Hesus over at the micro cinema in Luna Mencias.