Watch Collecting Isn’t Just About Collecting Watches

We make the case for watch winders and the one brand that manages to avoid the most common winder-related problems

by Mio Borromeo

We make the case for watch winders and the one brand that manages to avoid the most common winder-related problems

Wolf Cub

WOLF’s entry level model, Cub, comes in a variety of colors and can be stacked together to accommodate multiple pieces. Photo from WOLF.

If one has a beginning interest in collecting watches, it is important to consider the problem of watch movement. The automatic movement of a mechanical watch is usually wound when on the wearer’s wrist. If kept stationary for too long, the watch imposes on its owner the tedious habit of resetting the time, which after an extended period will break the watch’s mechanism altogether. But a collector can’t be wearing a watch all the time. What if he owns several pieces?

Enter WOLF, a company originally famous as a maker of fine jewellry boxes but now widely recognized as the world leader in the design and production of technically advanced automatic watch winders and boxes.

There isn’t much room to explain what watch winders do. They wind watches when the wearer isn’t. But there are plenty of issues that surround the mechanics of these devices, and a watch winder that overwinds or magnetizes watches is sure to turn off any starting collector to the idea of watch winders. WOLF’s inventory of watch winders are specifically designed to avoid the most common faults of watch winders.

In the manufacturing stage, all winders are carefully tested to ensure that it gives off low electrical fields to avoid magnetizing timepieces. Its incorporation of composite material seals the gearbox and ensures that WOLF winders are the most silent watch winders on the market. One of the most notable visible features of WOLF watch winders is that all of them can be pre-set to wind for a specific amount of time before going on sleep phases, preventing the watch from being overwound.

Having made its way into the Philippine market, WOLF hopes to encourage more customers to become watch collectors. WOLF offers seven different models, depending on watch capacity and material. Its entry level model, Cub, allows beginning watch collectors to smart small and care for individual pieces. Meanwhile the Meridian is made from fine wood and can wind up to three watches at a time. WOLF also offers stylish watch boxes to protect and organize your collection.

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