December 16, 2016

The Home Brew

Words by Patricia Chong

Though some would say the holiday feast is incomplete without wine, San Miguels Lifestyle Brews are making a good argument for beer.


December is a month synonymous with celebration, with lights and carols to brighten the passing nights and the most important meals of the year with your friends and folks. Good company is often paired with good food, and good food paired with good alcohol.

Although wine may be the host’s familiar choice, beer — particularly those of San Miguel’s Lifestyle Brews — offers some novel combinations for the holidays you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

As guests settle into their conversations and start off with the lightest dishes you have, they may search for a similarly light beer. Baked seafood and roast turkey find a choice partner in the unexpected lightness and citrusy undertones of the San Miguel Premium All-Malt. Another option is Kirin Ichiban, with its crisp start and rich flavor that also suits fried food.

The roasted pig, glazed ham, or well-done steak that will inevitably find its way into your menu may overwhelm the palate with too much grease or richness. Choices such as these pair well with the San Miguel Super Dry, which crisply cuts through any heaviness with its distinct bittersweet and dry flavor from its aromatic hops base.

The holiday dessert’s many forms often fit the profiles of rich, creamy, and tart, making a darker beer ideal. Cerveza Negra’s caramel undertones complement the nuttiness of an aged fruitcake and the creaminess of leche flan, even blending with the tartness of fruit to mellow out the flavors of not just dessert, but the holiday feast spent in the company of friends and family.

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