Take It Off: A Night with Burlesque PH

The performers of Burlesque PH go beyond the erotic

by Mandy Cruz, photo by JL Javier

Sure they strip. But the performers of Burlesque PH, who treat their craft as an art form, also go beyond the erotic


Originally a kind of musical theater parody popular in England during Victorian times, burlesque has since evolved into a more risque form of entertainment, mostly in the US. In the Philippines, there’s an entire troupe dedicated to bringing this sensual performance into the mainstream.


Founded last March by Joyen Santos, Leslie Espinosa, and Giselle Tomimbang, Burlesque PH began as an outlet for performance art, self-expression, and Filipino talent. “There is a need and want for [a variety] of entertainment. Burlesque is an art form that is open to all kinds of performers, body types, and music genres,” says Espinosa, who goes by the stage name Lucky Rapscallion. “Filipinos are talented and this is a chance to tap into making unique Filipino Performance Art.”

burlesque-2 burlesque-5

This diversity in talent and entertainment is apparent in Burlesque PH, whose members include men and women, straight and LGBT+, each with a unique style and persona to bring to the stage.

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