September 9, 2016

Sweet Escape: How the Modern Travelling Man Packs His Luggage

Find out how to find a place for all your travel essentials with the help of TUMI and these expert globetrotters

Let’s get one thing straight: There’s no single, correct way to pack for a trip. What you choose to bring to your getaway vacation and how you bring them depends on your destination, your itinerary, and a whole range of other factors that, when approached correctly, can make your trip unforgettable. We show you how Tumi’s global citizens get ready for their getaway excursions. You might even find a packing style that suits you best.


The Compartmentalized Packer



Rovilson Fernandez, TV Host and Media Fan

Favorite destination: Asia

As one of the most-travelled personalities in the country, Rovilson has gotten his packing down to a science. “I try to carry as little as possible because I like to collect things as well,” he says. His secret to conserving luggage space is layering, sticking to neutral colors, and bringing good footwear.




The Curated Packer



Mars Miranda, DJ

Favorite destination: Berlin

For DJ Mars Miranda, packing is all black and white, literally. All of his clothes are in black and white. “You don’t have to think about it much, and I know everything is going to match with everything else.” With gigs and parties that take him all over, a plain black shirt ensures that repeating outfits on social media never becomes an issue.




The Curated Packer



Marco Lobregat, TV Host, Marketing Communications Consultant and Strategist

Favorite destination: Barcelona

Marco has lived all over the world since moving to Barcelona after college to strike out on his own, but Barcelona remains his favorite. For this particular destination, he makes sure he’s ready for any thing. He has packs for clothes to go out—a blazer dresses up anything; beachwear for the warm mornings on the sand; and workout clothes for running around to see the city.



The Spontaneous Packer



Marc Soong, Autostrada Motore Inc. Executive Director

Favorite destination: Italy

Marc is a proud last-minute packer, so used to it that he has owned his “strange way of doing it.” He has a basic set of clothes that he brings with him, generic shirts that are quick dry, especially. “It’s a work in progress,” he admits. “I think everyone has to perfect their own way of packing.”




The Well-Prepared Packer



Gutsy Tuason,Nature Photographer

Favorite travel destination: Tubattaha Reef

When Gutsy travels, it’s nearly always in the pursuit of a particular animal found in a particular location. Because of the baggage weight restrictions, he has come up with his own way of packing to ensure that he has all the equipment that he needs, and clothes. “I may have close to 30 kilos on me, in between two hand carries plus I hand carry my camera housing with my camera inside,” he says. He incorporates his clothes with his equipment, using them as packing material to protect the more fragile items. He’s fond of Tumi’s light but sturdy luggage because he doesn’t have to sacrifice weight for heavy duty bags like before.



The Precise Packer



Ace Ramos, DJ

Favorite destination: San Francisco

DJ Ace packs according to color. He is very particular with his things and makes sure that he brings casual clothes — sorts, pants, joggers, and shirts — that are all basically in black and dark gray, “Actually, if you see my cabinet, you’ll see all black and gray!” he confesses. It’s the most basic of color schemes, but it works, both for work and leisure.



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