Silverlens’s new address is a stunning new space

Silverlens’ new gallery wishes to serve both artist and audience, while representing a steadfast belief in the power of physical art.

by Emil Hofileña, photo by MM Yu

Silverlens’ new gallery wishes to serve both artist and audience, while representing a steadfast belief in the power of physical art.

31864222800_421c91c8a9_kIf home is defined as a place where one is truly appreciated and understood, then Silverlens’ new gallery in Lapanday Center, Makati is exactly that for both the artist and the art viewer. The two-story space is designed to serve many purposes; it houses offices, artist’s studios, and a library, in addition to the spacious exhibition spaces and viewing rooms that keep the area consistent with Silverlens’ pioneering of the local warehouse gallery movement in the mid-2000s.


13 of the 22 Silverlens artists: Eric Zamuco, Bernardo Pacquing, Isa Lorenzo, Greg Halili, Chati Coronel, Ryan Villamael, Martha Atienza, Dina Gadia, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Gabriel Barredo, Corinne de san Jose, Rachel Rillo, Patricia Eustaquio, Frank Callaghan, Wawi Navarozza


Artists will find that the gallery’s white walls and dynamic lighting act as a blank canvas on which there are no restrictions to what they wish to be exhibited. Meanwhile, visitors to the gallery will find that the artworks themselves act as a roadmap open to interpretation; instead of imposing a definite path throughout the gallery, the interconnected rooms invite to be explored however the audience is compelled to do so. This new gallery is in itself a study of the relationship between works of art and the spaces they inhabit.


Pia Reyes, Gaby dela Merced, and Jel Suarez


John Lloyd Cruz, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Iddy Pastrana, and Ae Geli-Pastrana

Mirroring this growth of physical space and function, the gallery’s inaugural exhibition, entitled Translacion, celebrates the individual growth of the 22 artists it represents. The exhibition presents works both old and new — collectively becoming a symbol of an artist’s possible trajectories, and a testament to the relationship of the gallery with these artists it has provided a consistent space for.


Art Basel Hong Kong Director Adeline Ooi and Baby Imperial

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Wawi Navarroza, Katrina Lagman, and Rick Atienza

Translacion curator Gary-Ross Pastrana doesn’t see the exhibit as just another welcoming party, in the same way that he doesn’t see the new gallery as just another set of walls to be filled. Aware of art’s waning presence in the non-digital world (and of the uncertainty that has become the norm in a post-truth world), Pastrana thinks of this physical space as a symbol that artists will endure, and that art — in whatever shape or form — is certain.


Geric Cruz, Bea de Jesus, and Jippy Pascua


Translacion runs until February 4 at the Silverlens Galleries, Lapanday Center, 2263 Don Chino Roces Ave. Extension, Makati City.