Selective Hearing: Curtismith

The up-and-coming rapper puts together a fresh playlist about the future for the new year.

by Mags Ocampo, photo by Nikki Ruiz

The up-and-coming rapper puts together a fresh playlist about the future for the new year.

On-the-rise rapper Curtismith — Mito Fabie to his friends and family — has been doing pretty well for himself. His first mixtape, Ideal, dropped a few months back and landed him a lot of new fans, followers, and future collaborators. The impressive 10-track mixtape features Curtismith’s own lyrics, covers of tracks that are significant to him, and music from Sampras, CRWN, and Similarobjects.

We thought it would be fitting for this fresh talent to curate our first Selective Hearing playlist for the year. The only guiding principle we gave him was the following question: what songs make you think about the future?

In Curtismith’s own words, the following ten songs “tell you to follow what you feel your purpose is, to stay focused with your vision, to accept that you will get criticised but you should not let them stop you, and lastly, to just live life on your terms but at the same time stand for something bigger than yourself.” But take note: these songs don’t speak about any resolutions. Instead, they encourage what the rapper likes to call “mental notes.” “These things aren’t really gonna go away or get resolved cause as long as you’re alive there’s always something that you’re gonna have to deal with so I like to keep these things in mind to stay proactive with a positive state of mind – a mindset where [you believe] ‘whatever the future gives me i’ll be ready,‘” he further explains.

As for the budding star’s own future, an EP seems to be in the works. Other than that, he’s looking forward to some of life’s simpler joys: “working hard, meeting people with the same vision and working on projects with them to move forward, and traveling.” Although he’s been frequenting Zambales lately, Curtismith hopes to visit Sagada, Banaue, Batanes, and Siargao within the year. When asked about his sudden yearning to explore the Philippines, Curtismith quickly replies, “Manila can get very toxic when you’re here too long. I also wanna see different perspectives of different filipinos and develop my native tongue.”

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