Drinks Week – Rogue Recommends: The Liquor Section at Pioneer Centre Supermart

An unassuming supermarket proves to be an surprising goldmine for fans of premium spirits

by Philbert Dy, photo by Philbert Dy, Andrew Panopio


Pioneer Centre Supermart isn’t the most glamorous looking supermarket. It’s one of those warehouse spaces with exposed plumbing and ventilation running overhead, and a decidedly utilitarian layout. Even before you get inside the supermarket itself, it already looks like a mess, with too many vendors trying to share space on the cramped area just outside the counters. Inside, there’s a rather impressive selection of goods that sometimes feels haphazardly organized. It’s loud and noisy and often way too crowded, making shopping feel like a bit of an adventure at times.



So it isn’t the most peaceful place to get your shopping done. But if you’re into whisky/whiskey, or really spirits in general, you need to find time in your day to stop by Pioneer Centre.



Tucked in a corner just outside the main selling area is the Supermart’s liquor section, which boasts a rather impressive selection of spirits. They are selling a lineup of spirits that rivals even the most dedicated of liquor stores.



It’s especially a boon for fans of bourbon whiskey in particular. There are certainly other places where you can find the Supermart’s surprisingly extensive collection of Scottish single malts. And while rarer, there are also other locations where one might find the Japanese whiskies that they carry. But there are pretty no other places in Metro Manila that carry the line of bourbons that this supermarket has. In just one little shelf, all lined up, they’ve got some of the finest bourbons Kentucky has to offer. On the entry level side, they’ve got Old Crow, Bullet, Buffalo Trace, and Wild Turkey. If you’re looking for a step up, there’s Knob Creek, Basil Hayden and Maker’s 46. And then if you’re looking to treat yourself, you can get yourself some Blanton’s or Woodford Reserve.



And this is just the stuff on the shelves. They usually have some bottles behind glass that are presumably even harder to get. And amazingly, the prices are pretty reasonable. Or at least, they line up pretty well with what you’d expect to pay given conversion rates and tariffs.


It’s a mystery why this liquor section to this standalone supermarket is so good. We’ve tried contacting Pioneer Centre to ask them about the curation of this section, but have gotten no reply. But we’re not ones to look a gift horse in the mouth. Let us just accept this strange gift from the whisky/whiskey gods, and make occasional stops to this little shrine to spirits to pay our respects.



Pioneer Centre Supermart is located at 8006 Pioneer St. Kapitolyo, on the corner of United.