The Rogue Recap – August 18-25

Say goodbye to the sun, to comedy, and to animated characters as we continue to welcome our inevitable apocalypse.

by The Rogue Staff

The Rogue Recap takes a look back at the good, the bad, and the bizarre of the past week in the realms of entertainment, politics, culture, and society. In this week’s edition:



BREAKING: Due process is actually useful

Various protests and demonstrations continue to be held in outrage over the killing of 17-year-old Kian Delos Santos at the hands of Philippine National Police officers on August 16. Delos Santos was one of 82 people who were killed from August 15-16, in what was called a “one time, big time” operation as part of President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs. The Senate has opened an investigation into Delos Santos’s case, and despite testimonies from witnesses, evidence from CCTV footage, and uncommon condemnation from Duterte, the accused officers continue to assert their innocence—proving that due process for all is probably a good idea.


Barcelona attacks linked to terrorists accidentally terrorizing themselves

A vehicle-ramming attack and subsequent carjacking left 14 dead and 131 more injured on the street of La Rambla in Barcelona, Spain on August 17. Nine hours later in the town of Cambrils, five more assailants killed one and injured six, before being shot and killed by police. Both attacks are believed to be linked to two accidental explosions that occurred the day before in the municipality of Alcanar, where members of a terrorist cell had been attempting to create explosives for future attacks, proving that perhaps a terrorist’s greatest enemy is how bad they can be at terrorism—and how they’ll never win.


Philippines refuses entry to cartoon immigrants

Plans to construct a Nickelodeon-themed underwater park on the island of Coron in Palawan have officially been discontinued. The planned 400-hectare project was met with intense criticism from as early as January, with various environmental groups citing how land development in the area would cause damage, whether or not project developer Coral World Park (CWP) took necessary precautions. Viacom International Media Networks have terminated their partnership with CWP, effectively distracting us from the death running rampant in the rest of the country. This also marks an end to the Rogue Recap’s most reported story. Now we’ll have to find something else to bitch about.


Laughter continues to die a slow, unfunny death

American comedy legend Jerry Lewis passed away from end-stage heart disease in his Las Vegas home on August 20. He was 91, and is survived by his second wife and his children from both marriages. Lewis is best known for brand of slapstick humor and his ten-year career with singer Dean Martin as part of the comedy duo Martin and Lewis. After the two parted ways, Lewis enjoyed a prolific career of acting, writing, producing, and directing. If you’re unfamiliar with Lewis’s comedy, it’s never too late to start checking out his massive body of work, from back when comedians knew how to make funny faces matter.


This week in the End of the World

On August 21, a total solar eclipse was visible across the entirety of the United States, for the first time since 1918. The eclipse was also partially visible from Canada to South America, among other regions in the world. The phenomenon caused widespread traffic problems throughout the U.S., minor effects on solar power production, and the occasional case of eye damage from people looking straight into the eclipse. During such a mysterious and oddly beautiful cosmic event, we as a human race are reminded of our place in the universe, the futility of our human problems, and the fact that, when the gods finally decide to punish us for our sins, it will be too dark to see us saying we told you so.