The Rogue Recap: August 11-17

Flashback Friday: Nazis, bird flu, and your lapsed interest in video games.

by The Rogue Staff

The Rogue Recap takes a look back at the good, the bad, and the bizarre of the past week in the realms of entertainment, politics, culture, and society. In this week’s edition:



People who want to kill you defend their desire to kill you

White supremacists, neo-Nazis, members of the alt-right, and other affiliated groups held a protest dubbed “Unite the Right” from August 11-12 in Charlottesville, Virginia, rallying against the removal of the Robert Edward Lee Sculpture in Emancipation Park. After a clash with counterprotesters, over 38 people were injured, with one person killed from a vehicle ramming. United States President Donald Trump has been heavily criticized for his initial statement on the rally after he refrained from referring to the groups accountable by name. Many prominent white supremacists, such as Richard Spencer defended the rally as an exercise of free speech. Spencer graduated with a master’s degree from University of Chicago but never got to that chapter in his textbook that specifies how incitement of violence has historically led to, well, violence. Keep at it, Richard! You’ll get there one day.


Transportation regulatory board regulates too much

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has suspended ridesharing company Uber from operation for one month, after the company defied orders to stop the activation of new drivers to their service. This comes after a long series of conflicts between the two parties; the LTFRB had earlier fined Uber P5 million for not complying with the Board’s vehicle permit requirements. Passengers and drivers alike have criticized both parties for their handling of the situation. We at Rogue have already proposed an all-vehicle ban in previous recaps, but we would like to take things further by proposing a no-roads ban so that no vehicles need be made. We will all work from home forever, thanks to the power of the Internet and the impending death of print.


This week in The End of the World

The first ever outbreak of avian influenza, or bird flu, in the country has been confirmed in the municipality of San Luis, Pampanga, which was placed in a state of calamity on August 11. 37,000 birds were killed by the initial outbreak. The Department of Agriculture has ordered the culling of 200,000 more birds in an effort to stop the virus from spreading further. In light of the situation, restaurant franchises that rely on sketchy poultry-based products have assured the public that their food remains safe to consume, despite the fact that they serve sketchy poultry-based products in the first place.


Your lazy gamer friend has a brighter future than yours

European eSports organization Team Liquid sweeped Chinese-based Newbee at the conclusion of The International 2017 Dota 2 championship tournament in Seattle, Washington. Liquid took home $10.8 million in prize money after winning 3-0 in a best-of-five series watched by up to five million viewers around the world. To translate for our readers, this means that these people we never knew existed won tons of money for playing a video game, and that makes them much cooler than any of us could ever hope to be.


Local cinema finally makes good movie about the Philippines in 2017

Music drama Respeto took home seven awards at the culmination of this year’s Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival on August 13. Apart from winning Best Film, the NETPAC Jury Prize, and the Audience Choice award, the debut feature from music video director Treb Monteras II was also honored for its sound, editing, cinematography, and supporting performance from Dido de la Paz. Respeto’s success gives the film a higher chance of receiving a commercial run in major cinema chains in the future. Being publicly exhibited to a wider audience also means Respeto will inevitably be labeled as propaganda by Filipinos who support the war on drugs. Take a bow, Respeto. Having haters means you’ve made it.