October 14, 2015

Reebok Classic and Maison Kitsuné join teams for another home run

Words by Mags Ocampo

Another great collaboration comes our way — this time, in the form of a capsule collection

Photo from Reebok Lookbook.

Photo from Reebok Lookbook.

Never split up a winning team.

Just look at Reebok Classic and Maison Kitsuné. Earlier this year, they launched two limited-edition sneakers that both sold out in minutes. The pair are at it again, this time launching a capsule collection that’s got everyone on their toes. An odd but undeniably effective mix of preppy sophistication and sporty chic make up “Baseball League.”

As the eight-piece collection’s name suggests, the collaboration is a tribute to the great American pastime. Inspiration was thus drawn from past Reebok collections and retro uniforms. The Brooklyn Dodgers’ classic cream, orange, and navy combination can be seen in the garb’s college-style letters and oversized logos. Notably, the entire collection is gender neutral. There are no particularly feminine of masculine touches anywhere in sight.

While androgynous clothing has been popping up all over runways and glossies as of late, the Reebok-Kitsuné mashup is nothing like the utilitarian garb that’s become so common. When we think of androgyny in terms of fashion, we think of the gender-bending powers of Rick Owens or Yohji Yamamoto through monochromatic suits, multi-pocketed parkas, and drop-crotch pants. In contrast, this collaboration is playful and light.

Maison Kitsuné cofounder Masaya Kuroki shared in an interview, “Why only do men play baseball? I have a lot of girlfriends who want to see baseball and support a lot of teams. Reebok has a very open mind…and so does Kitsuné. So when I was designing [the collection] I was already thinking about the unisex thing.” Kuroki even ended with a proposal for the athletic world: “That should be the next step of sporting in general: men and women playing together.”

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