January 5, 2017

In Praise of the Simple Shoe

We celebrate the practicality and comfort that the Harlan + Holden Step Shoes champion

In the pursuit of aesthetics, one can at times forget that clothing is supposed to be functional. This lapse in practicality is often most epitomized by the shoe. In the application of increasingly absurd decorative bells and whistles, the shoe may actually become a hindrance to the basic, necessary act of walking from one point to another.

There is real merit to simplicity, in both aesthetics and function. Our feet need not always be the canvasses for impractical, baroque pieces of sculpture. The shoe is supposed to protect your feet, and not cause it more harm. It is in this particular context that Harlan + Holden Step Shoes are a real step up.

Available in just six neutral, easy-to-match colors, the Step Shoes are a triumph in simplicity and functionality. Sans buckles or straps or any other extraneous mechanism, these are shoes that one can simply step into. Made of breathable calf leather insoles and offering ample foot support, these stylishly inconspicuous flats are brilliantly designed to keep feet comfortable all day.

It is footwear with a singularity of purpose, reflecting an overall design philosophy that eschews the empty aesthetics of typical, mass-market clothing and sundries. Because one doesn’t always need to suffer for fashion. Sometimes, you just need a shoe to help you move forward.

Harlan + Holden Step Shoes are available in all Harlan + Holden stores: Powerplant Mall, Greenbelt 5 (Adora), and Shangri-la Plaza Mall, and online at

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