This Week In Cinemas – April 25, 2018

We hope you like The Avengers.

The Unwieldy ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Somehow Manages to Work

While visibly straining under the weight of too many characters, the latest superhero blockbuster delivers where it counts.

‘Sa Wakas’ Fills a Plain Story with Great Music

With a less than compelling narrative but multilayered songs, the Sugarfree musical—now on its third and final run—is mostly for fans only.

Coeli’s ‘Here Today’ Signals the Arrival of an Exciting Musical Talent

The singer-songwriter’s debut EP is a brief but remarkable showcase for her elaborate compositions, tender writing, and fully expressive voice.

‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ Finds Humor and Horror in Civilized Society

Repertory Philippines brings out the strengths—and some weaknesses—of Joseph Kesserling’s dark comedy about a family of criminals, crazies, and critics.s

Cole Sprouse: Behind the Lens

The newest Global Benchsetter talks about photography, existential rage, and magical places.



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Foodie and entrepreneur Mikko Santos takes us through his closet, shares his latest passions, and tells us the secret to avoiding hangovers—read the full story here.

"For fragrance it’s really CK be which I’ve been using for a long time and Heeley’s Sel Marin now."

I love classic pieces. There’s one Common Projects sneakers I’ve been wearing for years. For some reason I can’t let go of it. I just keep on stitching it back up. And still wear it to this day.

This Rains jacket is something I wear during my walks around the area especially now that it’s rainy season.

This is Classic Rolex Datejust that I bought with my own money. I like it because of what it meant to me even if I have other watches now that are even more expensive. It adds a bit of class to whatever I wear.

I like reading books relating to food, clothes and business. Where Chefs Eat is a favorite of mine because I like to travel and whenever I do, I hunt for the best food spots of each city.

I like reading books relating to food, style and business. For clothes I like wearing pieces with high quality.

I had Archie Geotina work on this artwork in my room. I love The Simpsons so if you look closely, it’s the Simpsons characters in the artwork.

I love supporting local brands as well, especially friends of mine.

I got this business book last year. It’s like a business for dummies but it’s fun to brush up on concepts you used to take up in school.


We here at Rogue have decided to create a section devoted to publishing submissions from you guys. So to this end, we are ripping off McSweeney’s. We are admitting to it, because in this age of unmentioned yet obvious pegs, we prefer the honesty of simply saying that we did not come up with this …