Omega’s new watch sold out Ultrafast

And there’s a reason why


Exactly 1 hour, 53 minutes and 17 seconds. That’s how fast it took Omega’s Speedmaster Limited Edition “Ultraman” watch to sell out all 2,012 pieces last week, proving to be a huge hit with fans around the world. The new watch is a tribute to the key character in the Ultraman series created by Tsuburaya Productions in Japan, on of the most famous examples of the Kaiju “giant monster” genre.

Though Omega‘s new “Speedy Tuesday” certainly has a sense of fun, with its 70’s Japanese sci-fi references, the Speedmaster “Ultraman” boasts genuine space credentials, as it shares its DNA with the brand’s 1967 “Moonwatch”.


A stand-out feature of that classic ’67 chronograph was its distinctive orange seconds hand, which drew the attention of the production team behind the fourth instalment in the Ultraman series: Return of Ultraman. As the bold orange perfectly matched the suits of the heroic Monster Attack Team, Omega‘s “Moonwatch” became an essential part of their beast-battling kit. In one of the episodes, a close-up of the Speedmaster was featured ticking.

On the new “Ultraman” the seconds hand draws its inspiration from the ’67 original, embracing the same dimensions and shade of orange. As an extension of this theme, the new watch also features a black/orange bezel in anodized aluminium.


The classic Speedmaster subdials of the new “Speedy Tuesday” hold a few heavy references to the iconic Japanese show. As Ultraman was only able to stay in superhero-mode for 3 minutes, the minute subdial at 3 o’clock features the first 3 minutes picked-out in orange. On the seconds subdial at 9 o’clock, there’s a hidden silhouette of Ultraman’s profile, which is revealed by a special tool available with the watch. The strap changer, identical to Ultraman’s Beta Capsule, features a UV lamp at one end, which when shined on the dial, reveals the image.


A vintage OMEGA logo on the dial adds a retro touch and the caseback features an engraving of #SpeedyTuesday and the words “QUALIFIED BY NASA FOR ALL MANNED SPACE MISSIONS.” The watch is presented on a black and orange NATO strap and comes with a spare black leather strap.

Limited to just 2,012 pieces, the OMEGA Speedmaster 42 mm “Ultraman” is a true collectable and is presented in its own hexagonal box: a tribute to the futuristic table used by Ultraman’s Monster Attack Team.