New Year Grooming: Four Styles and How to Nail Them

Rogue teams up with Kapwa Studio and shows you what to do with your hair, no matter how much you have on your head, fresh into 2018

by Rogue, photo by Koji Arboleda

Art by Pia Samson



How to have it: Maintenance is one to two weeks.  This is the ultimate wash and wear style but to maintain the length and art design, see your barber often. A little bit of gel or mousse if needed if you choose to have longer hair on top.

Who can wear this: Those who are confident to wear their hair short and to try designs.  Anyone can wear a similar style with variations for the individual’s face and head shape.

Stylist Tip: Shampoo twice a week, always condition.



How to have it: If your hair is straight, wavy or curly, keep it natural.  Maintenance is about every three months to keep hair free of dry/split ends. Use hair oil or serum to keep ends smooth. A little bit of sea salt spray for that beachy look.

Who can wear this: Those with long hair! You can wear it down or tie it up. This cut will help give straight hair some texture, define your waves, or pop out the curls. A layered cut gives long hair a shape and keeps it feeling light.

Stylist Tip: For extra long hair, make sure to condition the ends well.



How to have it: Maintenance is every two weeks to keep the sides and back of the fade looking clean.  A blow dryer and brush are needed to give this look some shape. A strong wax or gel can be used especially if you have thick hair.

Who can wear this: Those who like the classic look, but want a modern twist.  Anyone can wear this with variations for styling the top and there are so many choices for fades.

Stylist Tip: Blowdry with a vent brush, and use your hands with product in it to shape and finish.



How to have it: Layers help remove the weight and heaviness in the hair. A texturizing technique is used to define curls and make them easier to style.  Use curl serum or hair oil to control frizz and define curls.  Maintenance is six to eight weeks.

Who can wear this: Those who like a soft looking style.  Maybe they just woke up like that or they are wearing their look like they don’t care.

Stylist Tip A wash and go style starts with a proper shampoo and conditioner. Choose one for your hair and scalp needs.

HAIR by Kapwa Studio, 5059A, P Burgos, Poblacion, Makati

MODELS (Top to Bottom): Kevin Cantos, Patrick Patawaran from PMAP, Santino Rosales from PMAP, Elys Lim

HAIR STYLISTS: Michael Ibisate for Patrick Patawaran, Dencio Aguilar for Santino Rosales, Leslie Espinosa for Elys Lim, Anthony Joe Camacam for Kevin Cantos

GROOMING by Slo Lopez

This article was originally published in the December 2017–January 2018 issue of Rogue.