The new Porsche Boxster sets a higher standard for motorsports

The mid-engine roadster ups its game in terms of speed, control, and overall drivability

by Rogue

The mid-engine roadster ups its game in terms of speed, control, and overall drivability.

When the first generation Porsche Boxster took form in 1996, it was quickly recognized as an instrument made for speed—this was, after all, a topless convertible two-seater built to outclass the brand’s famous 550 Spyder. Runs smooth on the freeway, but is most at home on a racetrack.

Twenty years and several upgrades later, the iconic Boxster finds new life as the 718. The model boasts two turbo-charged flat-four engines, systematically reduced weight, and a sharpened exterior, thanks to a new front grille and bonnet which grants the car a more imposing sense of presence.

But let’s shift our attention away from appearance and focus on the real issue: speed. The standard model of the 718 is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged boxer engine with direct fuel injection. The S model on the other hand is a fiercer beast, equipped with a 2.5-liter turbocharged boxer engine which results in 350 hp at a peak power of 6,500 rpm. Both models were designed by Porsche to be more fuel efficient and eco-friendly, without sacrificing speed and freedom.



The 718 Boxster, in bold red and racing yellow.


The 718 Boxster possess multiple features that enable easy control: its Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system is equipped with voice control, a seven-inch multi-touchscreen on the center console, and Apple CarePlay, which enables a driver or passenger to pair their iPhone with the vehicle to access their apps. Beyond its sleek interface though, the 718 also sports a steering wheel modelled after the one on the 918 Spyder. And if you’re driving on rough roads? The car’s Porsche Stability Management (PSM)feature stabilizes the vehicle using an electronic control system which employs sensors that monitor speed, direction, velocity, and acceleration. PSM enhances traction whenever you find yourself on challenging terrain.

It was Robert Coyiuto III, President of the Porsche Center Philippines Representatives, who who experienced the power of the 718 Boxster firsthand, on the Inje Speedium race track in Inje County, South Korea. According to General Sales Manager Dave Gomez, the 718 did not fail to impress. “It’s a very powerful car, with everything you expect from the Boxster and, of course, a Porsche.”




Porsche Philippines President Roberto Coyiuto III and Porsche Asia Pacific Managing Director Martin Limpert with the all-new Porsche 718 Boxster.


It’s unsurprising for a brand as prestigious and eminent as Porsche to always do right by the automotive industry, and yet the 718 Boxster still stands out. This roadster represents the peak of performance and drivability, and—as a third generation vehicle—a creative culmination of Porsche’s distinct process of technological refinement.