October 28, 2015

Natural Order

Words by Jam Pascual Photos by Patrick Diokno

Creative tag team Roberta Limjap and Anna Zavalla make a case for the inherent beauty of organic materials with their new furniture brand Raw.tura



Contemporary furniture achieves its end through manmade material. Steel, rubber, plastic — all emblematic of modern design’s inclination toward the urban. But Roberta Limjap and Anna Zavalla, the founders of accent furniture brand Raw.tura, have always prided themselves on their use of natural materials. “Not forgetting the raw side of things,” as Limjap put it.

Raw.tura, a young brand established only in 2014, does not concern itself with mere trend-trailing. The real genius is behind its vision: to combine both vintage and modern sensibilities.

For both Limjap and Zavalla, “Vintage means classic and timeless.” The real spirit of vintage, as opposed to faddish, is that it never goes out of style. The meaning of modern for the brand, however, is more rooted in the look. “Modern, on the other hand, are clean lines, clean shapes, very hip.”

In order to reconcile these sensibilities, they turn to designing each of their pieces with both natural and synthetic materials in mind.

Their first two collections, Cuero and Klaus, took simplicity as their muse. Each piece showed their penchant for using tangile and teak wood, and combining these materials with fabrics such as suede and khaki leather.

Their latest collection, Les Animaux, pushes into new territory. “For Les Animaux, we wanted to bring in more color, add a touch of softness and playfulness with the use of fabric.”

For instance, the Bambi circular stool and Marty cube stool are representative of this direction, with foam and cotton patched together in the interest of emphasizing color and pattern.

Raw.tura is fully aware that the point of accent furniture is not to draw attention to itself, but to subtly influence the look of its given space.

In the same way, there is a subtle thread of ingenuity at work in all of their pieces, turning to the material to achieve the conceptual.


Raw.tura founders Roberta Limjap and Anna Zavalla.

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