MRT Stations of the Cross

At the fourth station, He wanted to take a cab.

by Jeremy Ayson

The First Station: North Avenue

Jesus is at Trinoma, eating an insufficient Burger McDo dinner. He looks at the time. It’s rush hour.


The Second Station: Quezon Avenue

This is agony, Jesus thinks. The ABS-CBN employees squeeze against him. He knows this is where he’ll die.


The Third Station: GMA-Kamuning

The GMA employees force Jesus to ration his breaths. He feels pain, like a lance in his side.


The Fourth Station: Araneta Center-Cubao

Jesus relaxes as passengers alight, only for dozens more to surge in. His arms shoot up, reaching for the metal bar.


The Fifth Station: Santolan-Annapolis

Somehow, Jesus falls inside the MRT. No one helps him up. They are all watching K-dramas on their phones.


The Sixth Station: Ortigas

A man with a namecard that reads “Hi! My name is Simon” takes his foot off Jesus’s sandal. Thank you, Father, Jesus thinks.


The Seventh Station: Shaw Boulevard

A group of women forget that Shaw opens on the other side. They hit Jesus in the face as they pass through.


The Eighth Station: Boni

Jesus is stripped of his wallet. My God, why have you forsaken me?


The Ninth Station: Guadalupe

Someone opens one of the train windows. I will remember you when you come into my kingdom.


The Tenth Station: Buendia

Mama Mary and John the Beloved call Jesus’s phone. Jesus tearfully allows it to vibrate.


The Eleventh Station: Ayala

Ninety percent of the train rushes out. The earth shakes. Jesus cries out one last time and passes out.


The Twelfth Station: Magallanes

Jesus wakes up to find himself sitting down. The comfort is euphoric. He stretches his legs. I could sleep for three days.


The Final Station: Taft

Jesus exits, smelling like other people’s bodies. He looks at his phone. It’s a Thursday night on Taft Avenue. Alleluia.