November 27, 2015

More Water, Please

Words by Mags Ocampo

From the makers of Vessyl, the smart cup that breaks down your beverage and presents statistics like sugar and fat content, comes Pryme


One-size-fits-all is never true – not even when it comes to water intake, apparently. The long-circulated factoid of humans needing eight glasses of water a day has been debunked and the Mark One team has come to rescue humankind from (minor) dehydration with their intelligent cup: the Pryme.

The Pryme is a handy little device that can indicate how much water you need to drink. It tracks your personal hydration by cross-referencing your initial data — age, weight, height, sex, etcetera — with information collected from your fitness tracker of choice (although at present it is only compatible with Apple’s HealthKit and the Jawbone UP). With its sensors and doodads, it’s also able to measure how much water you’re drinking and how fast you’re drinking it. With that data, it creates a sipping schedule of sorts for you – a timeline of when you should be drinking water and just how much of it.

Now that’s pretty crazy for just one little cup. It’s also pretty daunting to know how much we have to pay attention to our fitness now – let alone our water intake. We’d probably be lying if we said that we didn’t miss the eight-cups-fits-all mentality.

The Pryme is currently available for order only on the US Apple Online Store at $99.95.

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