This Makati aerie is an ode to Philippe Starck and the Power of Numbers

One banker applies the rigorous discipline of his practice to the design of his home.

by Devi de Veyra, photo by Patrick Diokno



For one successful banker, his apartment provided a platform where he could give way to his obsessions—“You know my fascination with the Fibonacci series,” the homeowner said as he prepared cups of cappuccino in his compact kitchen. He was referring to the sequence of numbers wherein the next figure is the sum of the previous two, with either 1 and 1 or 1 and 0 as the starting point of a series. The golden ratio, 1.618 (or its inverse, .618) is derivative of this sequence.



Numbers aren’t his sole obsession. The homeowner also described his abode as a “tribute to Giorgio Armani,” a favorite fashion label, and as a “shrine to Philippe Starck.”

“One side measured exactly 61.8 meters,” he stated, “and the sun sets towards 6:18.”

He was drawn to a particular unit in the middle of the country’s financial district for several reasons. It was near his workplace, and the floor-to-ceiling windows afforded spectacular views of the urban landscape. Certain features also echoed the Fibonacci principle. “One side measured exactly 61.8 meters,” he stated, “and the sun sets towards 6:18.”



It would take all of eight months to complete the project with the homeowner himself creating the concept for the interior design and overseeing the construction, presenting his ideas to contractors and suppliers via Powerpoint so “everyone involved had an idea of what I had in mind,” he disclosed. “I always had my visuals. I showed my iPhone for the color mix of white, silver, and black. The contractor learned that any number in the unit should be part of the Fibonacci series: 3 air conditioners, 13 stair steps, 21 ceiling lights, etc.,” he continued.


To create an illusion of expanse, the banker opted to forego wall partitioning. His kitchen flows out to the dining area, and to the seating nook, which was set against a graphic grid that framed the dazzling cityscape. It can be viewed from just about everywhere, including from the loft bed and the swirl tub next to it.



The homeowner’s devotion to Philippe Starck is on abundant display—just about all the furniture pieces in the 80 Square-meter apartment are by the famed designer. The loft’s auteur did allow one betrayal: “I originally wanted my dining area ‘Starck-studded’ until I discovered Casa Gessi. This is where Starck meets Gessi, with the basin from the former and the ceiling-mounted faucet from the latter.”


There is also just one space that is enclosed. Past the main entrance, a door leads to a walk-in closet where a collection of Giorgio Armani clothes, shoes, and accessories are neatly organized on pristine shelves.


“It’s sleek but comfortable, tech-infused but warm—you’ll be hard-pressed to leave.”


The homeowner is certainly pleased with the outcome. A nephew based in LA was so taken with the loft that he wrote to describe the experience of entering his uncle’s home, part of it perhaps encapsulating what he was really going for: “It’s sleek but comfortable, tech-infused but warm—you’ll be hard-pressed to leave.”


Some visitors say that the bar is their favorite area, others, the kitchen, the bedroom, or even the swirl tub. For Roy, nearing 6:18, with the city lights twinkling and the sun wrapping his space in a fiery show of lights, anywhere in his pad is a great place to be.