The MaArte Fair is not just for the ladies-who-lunch; there’s a lot here for the men, too

Knowing how you guys shop, we already scouted for the items made precisely for you.

by Carmela Fortuna

Men are different from women, and shopping is an activity where you can tell the clear differences. Most women like to take their time looking, touching, and fitting the things that catch their eye, but men? Let’s just say you’re more purposeful: you know what you want, won’t ask directions where to get it, make the purchase then leave. That’s why for this weekend’s MaArte Fair, a yearly shopping event with a strong following among the city’s female population, we already picked the ones that might tickle your fancy.


But first let us tell you about MaArte, in case your significant other hadn’t brought you here in the past few years. The Museum Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (MFPI) is back yet with its annual shopping event, this time to be held at The Peninsula Manila from today, August 11, through Sunday, August 13. Also known as the country’s finest exhibition of Filipino craftsmanship and artisanal everything, for it’s 9th installment, the MFPI has put consultants Vicky Jalandoni and Katrina Gonzalez in-charge of transforming the hotel’s prestigious The Gallery into an intimate and elegant trunk show. The select 31 merchants will be showcased in tropical living room vignettes, featuring a range of products including fashion wear, accessories, furniture, home décor, gourmet selections, and more.


Originally a simple private-sector initiative to raise funds for the National Museum, the MFPI prides itself in the MaArte fair’s transformation into a community-driven enterprise. A platform for upcoming micro-entrepreneurs and a showcase of world-class Filipino craftsmanship, the MaArte fair has become a relevant creative institution bringing together friends, family, artisans, and art lovers.


In an effort to support the MFPI’s fundraising effort, the Peninsula Manila will also feature two custom tea brews called MaArtea. The brews coming from MaArte merchants TsaaLaya and will be available for the whole month of August for Afternoon Tea service at The Lobby from 2:30pm – 5:30pm. Portions of the revenue generated will be donated to the MFPI.


Ultimately, the MaArte fair has created a community that values and promotes the richness and beauty of Filipino culture, making relevant a craft in a time where it is most needed.


Specifically for men, MaArte at the Pen has an exciting selection of novel products this year.


Head designer Marga Fajardo of Stockton Row provides an exquisite collection of hand-made brass rings dipped in yellow gold. A definite signature accessory, the selection of George Rings comes in Black Onyx, Lapis Lazuli and Mother of Pearl.



Handcrafted and produced in the Philippines, Oscar Mejia incorporates distinctly Filipino elements like sampaguita, camia, rosal, vetiver, and more, into a line of artisan fragrances for men. His selection includes Paradiso (an enchanting blend of spiced lemongrass, ylang-ylang, lavender and opium), Morning Mist (a cool, clean and crisp blend of baby cologne refined by notes of lemon, bergamot and freshly cut grass), and Sun Soak (an aquatic blend of freshness with essential oils of bergamot, olive, patchouli, lavender, ginger and lime.)



The brand Filip+Inna, which does successful trunk shows here and abroad, combines traditional designs and contemporary clothing to come up with a timeless and unique collection of Filipino-inspired clothing. Using weaving, embroidery, and beadwork inspired by different indigenous groups in the Philippines, Filip+Inna works with talented artisans across the archipelago to deliver a unique range of hand-crafted men’s shorts, polos, and pocket squares.



Finally, there are the exquisite scarves and fisherman’s pants from inabel weaving specialist, Balay ni Atong, which you might want to bring to the next beach vacation.


(L-R) Inabel Fisherman’s Pants and Scarf, Tiniri Stripes Fisherman’s Pants and Stripes Pants, Cotton Blend. Inabel Pants and Scarf, Plain Weave/Liniston, Pinstripe Pants and Plain weave Scarf, Cotton Blend. Inabel Fisherman’s Pants and Scarf, Plain weave/Liniston, Stripes Fisherman’s Pants, Cotton Blend. Inabel Wrap Around Skirt with Kinamayan Embroidery, Cotton Blend. Photos by Ramil Maullion, Worn by Andrew Bartolome, Styled and Produced by Balay ni Atong


See, hitting the food stands or standing mindlessly behind your lady aren’t the only things you can do in MaArte. It can be your day at the bazaar, too.


Peek into the Filipino soul and heritage at MaArte at The Pen. The event is open to the general public and will run from August 11 through 13 at The Gallery of The Peninsula Manila.