The Load Less Travelled

Thule’s new summer travel bag collection focuses on the art of packing luggage, and making sure it doesn’t keep you from your next destination.

by Emil Hofileña, art by Andrew Panopio, photo by Thule

Outdoors brand Thule has never claimed to be just a manufacturer of bags and travel racks. Rather, it offers storage and transportation solutions under the notion that having the proper gear allows one to more fully embrace his or her active lifestyle. It’s a philosophy that has endured since Thule’s inception due to the brand’s devotion to smoothening out the little bumps in the road that everyday adventurers might have simply gotten used to shrugging off. This summer, with its new collection of Subterra travel bags, Thule sets its sights on solving the hassle of packing luggage just right — a problem that may lead to slow-moving lines and the occasional missed flight.


Thule Subterra Luggage 55cm/22″



All bags in this new line have been designed around principles of versatility, durability, spaciousness, and ease of access. The Subterra Travel Backpack 34L best exemplifies these qualities with its padded laptop sleeve, removable packing cube (which can be carried independently for lighter trips), and side access panels. For more versatility, the Subterra Carry-On 40L offers the option of being worn either as a backpack or as a shoulder bag, without the danger of having unused straps sticking out and getting snagged on obstacles. It also features a hidden passport pocket where important documents can be all kept safe in one place.


Thule Subterra Carry-On 40L


The Subterra bags aren’t all about carry-ons, of course. Thule recognizes that the modern definition of an active lifestyle doesn’t always refer to backpackers and thrill seekers, but also to people on business gathering frequent flyer miles. For these travelers, the water-resistant Subterra Luggage 70cm/28” comes with an impact-absorbent exoskeleton and external compression straps to keep valuables safe even during the most turbulent flights. And while the 70cm/28” can also be carried as a duffel bag, the Subterra Luggage 55cm/22” goes a step further by splitting into two carry-ons, in case check-in becomes even more of a nightmare than usual.



Thule has made sure to keep its line of bags elegant but not distracting, spacious but never intrusive. In fact, as a brand, Thule is somewhat peculiar in that it wants you to forget you’re even carrying its products. By manufacturing sturdy and resilient bags, Thule aims to guarantee security and put the minds of its customers at ease. All that matters  is the journey you’re about to embark on, and the confidence that there will be many more journeys to come.


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