In Good Company

Garden Barn and Rogue got together for another afternoon with good food, great company, and some very stylish tables.

by Patricia Chong

Garden Barn and Rogue got together for another afternoon with good food, great company, and some very stylish tables.

rogue-gb-0If there is anything you need to know about the fine art of wining and dining your guests, we will tell you this: absolutely everything begins with the host.

Take, for example, the little get-together for friends and business partners last November 24 at Txanton. Aptly named The Art of Hosting, this was the second installment of the pocket event by Rogue Magazine — which, for the uninitiated, is the print publication of the very website you read now — and Garden Barn, a leader in all matters of stylish designer tableware. Garden Barn owner Rich King Teh was the man of the hour as he told attendees of the brand’s big entrance to the retail stage from its work behind the scenes providing crystal and décor for the discerning eye.

rogue-gb-10 rogue-gb-9

Tucked into the winding Don Chino Roces Extension, the intimate spaces of the Txanton are a secret kept well by connoisseurs of good wine and even better jamon. These spaces were adorned by some of Garden Barn’s illustrious brands for the afternoon. An array of wares ranging from elegant to unusual (often both at the same time) greeted guests as they entered – the classic structured glass vases and wine glasses from LSA International, joined by the quirkiness of Seletti’s porcelain hybrid vases, plates, and cake stands split right in the middle between East and West. These were placed atop shelves and more memorably, a Seletti cabinet the shape and size of a pig with a plywood exterior like that of a shipping crate.

rogue-gb-13 rogue-gb-7 rogue-gb-12

Crisp white wine in the host’s gleaming Zweisel wine glasses – deceptively sturdy, as many would discover after one glass falls to the floor and escapes the encounter without a single scratch – went quickly in the La Tienda area of the jamoneria, with its walls lined with bottles of wine and olive oil, as attendees enjoyed their good company and the delicious tapas prepared by Txanton, kicked off by potato salad canapes, Serrano ham paté sandwiches, cold cuts montaditos, and spoons of tuna tartare. Flavors moved into more savory territory as the Spanish tortillas and the Iberian ham croquettes arrived, whetting the appetite for the Txistorra and Butifarra pintxos, or Basque and Catalan sausages skewered on small sticks.

rogue-gb-11 rogue-gb-1

The wait for the highly-anticipated chicken and pork paella finale was marked by the silent stars of the show sitting at the very same wooden tables – a porcelain statuette of an astronaut by Diesel for Seletti, its visor shining gold; a chrome scent diffuser by Mr and Mrs Fragrance, hard at work covering 25 square meters with a pleasant aroma; and Kosta Boda skulls of colored glass, which were the topic of more than one conversation as guests joked about hiding them in their bags to take home.


No one left the party emptyhanded, however, with the surprise raffle featuring the wares of the brands featured at the event, from Zweisel and LSA International to Seletti and Kosta Boda.

Good food, great company, stylish tables – now that’s what we call hosting.