History, Heritage, Americana, and Legazpi Village

Regiment Brings Vintage Workwear Back to Life

by Sam Potenciano, photo by Ralph Mendoza

Scoring an authentic Japanese sukajyan (or souvenir jacket) used to entail a lot more work—work that required a round trip ticket to Tokyo and making your way down to the trendy neighborhoods of Shimokitazawa or Nakameguro to trawl through their many specialty vintage shops. These days, thanks to the launch of Regiment, booking an Uber to Legazpi Village works just fine too.

Conceived by the same group behind local menswear heavy Signet, their sister store is rooted less in the refined tradition of classic, bespoke tailoring than it is in the rugged, utilitarian world of men’s workwear. Shelves are lined with chinos, raw denim, camo greens, and navy blues—suggesting the kind of fabrication and palette that is more often associated with labor-intensive work than with fashion.


While it would be easy to assume that their meticulous selection of floor to ceiling merch was pulled from some obscure, vintage archive, Regiment’s stock is actually made up of mostly Japanese-manufactured, vintage reproductions. Building on the store’s principles of history, heritage, and vintage Americana (all four words are etched into the glass that hangs above the store’s central counter), each piece, although brand new, carries with it the history of the original garment’s design.

Take for example Duke Hakanamoku’s Hawaiian shirts, which are reproduced in exact detail from the ‘30s-era Olympic surfer’s signature line. Orslow’s ‘Billie Jean’ is a trouser made from the same fabric utilized in ‘40s military chinos and tailored after the cut of Michael Jackson’s pleated pair in the 1982 music video. Sugar Cane & Co.’s denim dungarees are replicated from the kind worn by Depression-era blue-collar workers, while The Flathead’s shirts are modeled after the ones worn by railroad workers in the early 1900s.


This sense of carefully crafted nostalgia and attention to detail ekes out from every corner of the shop—from their display packages of vintage Cat’s Paw rubber heels by the counter, down to the 1940 Union Special sewing machine that Regiment uses to custom hem pants in-store.


Sure, it would be easy to run down to the closest fashion chain to pick out a vintage-inspired tee, but to truly capture the kind of lived-in luxury and appreciation for craftsmanship that Regiment’s goods provide? Less so.




Store info:

Unit 102C Windsor Tower, 163 Legazpi St., Legazpi Village, Makati