Hermès Lists down the Bare Essentials for Every Man

Hermes joins the listicle craze in the most creative way possible

by Mags Ocampo

Hermès joins the listicle craze in the most creative way possible


ROGUE Feed - Hermes

Screencap from the L’Manifeste de Hermes website.

Listicles — mixes of lists and articles — seem to be all the rage nowadays. They’re easy to read, usually universally relatable, and often delivered with a tinge of humor. Listicles are pretty much everywhere by now. They’ve even invaded the house of Hermès. That’s right: Hermès.

Le MANifeste D’Hermès is a new website from the fashion powerhouse that features “a man, a list, and a twist.” That is to say, the website is home to listicles that cater to male interests ranging from shopping lists to to-do lists to anything else you can imagine that needs to be numbered. The lists, of course, feature Hermès footwear, garments, accessories, and leather goods that can all be purchased on the brand’s e-commerce site with the click of a button.

That explains the man and the list but what’s the twist? The twist is in the design. Each listicle is accompanied by different forms of creative, interactive content. In an listicle called “65 Words to Spark Your Inner Poet,” you’re given the chance to create your own magnet poetry through a drag-and-drop procedure. In “4 Bags to Get You Guessing,” a mini-game involving x-rays and leather bags piques interest.

Le MANifeste D’Hermès is a great way to explore the world of the Hermès man and to select pieces without pressure. It is perhaps even the best way to get to know the brand better, thanks to its light and fun tone.