Fred Perry’s Gig Series ‘Subculture Live’ returns with Anoraak

Get ready to dance to his signature synth pop beats.

by Mano Gonzales


The French DJ Frederic Riviere, commonly known as ANORAAK, is finally playing in Manila. First appearing in 2008 with the underground classic Nightdrive With You, he has since come up with several LPs/EPs and remixes, as well as producing the soundtrack behind the highly-acclaimed 2011 film Drive.


He is back on the road with a new EP, Black Gold Sun, an infusion of his classic retro-influenced electronic arrangements built for the dancefloor. The Valerie Collective member is coming to Manila this Friday with a solo live set for Fred Perry’s #SubcultureLive.


Rogue chats with Anoraak about his personal style and thoughts on his music ahead of his show.


Tell us about your personal style. Does it necessarily fall into your branding as Anoraak?

Not really, I guess I have a pretty classic style, most of the time black jeans, white teeshirt or light color shirt, sand desert boots or sneakers, creepers sometimes, and jeans or leather jacket. Peacoat when it’s getting too cold, and i hate hats.

Favorite memory of Fred Perry?

Yes, when I could afford my first FP cardigan, SO happy haha!

How true to life is your music? Is it reactive to what’s currently happening or is it an ode to something from the past?

I’d say it’s true to feelings, but not applying to any kind of reality, neither from now or from the past. I’m not a nostalgic, I’m more of a melancholic dude, it’s all about the emotion.


Fred Perry #SubcultureLive is on 20 October 2017 at XXXX.

Photo courtesy of Anoraak.