Fred Perry Celebrates Record Store Day One Last Time

On April 28, the British clothing brand teams up with various hi-fi system providers and record collectors all over to keep the analog soul alive

by Rogue


The celebration of Record Store Day, some would argue, isn’t actually about selling more music. While the hundreds of participating independent record stores around the world may use this occasion to set up fan meets with musicians or to launch limited edition vinyl records, Record Store Day has always grounded itself on ideas of community. Celebrating this day is ultimately about recognizing the record store’s function as a creative hub—a melting pot of subcultures orbiting around a shared love of music. Though organizers continue to find themselves pushing back against attempts to commercialize the tradition, they celebrate all the same.



Here in the Philippines—where vinyl has also come back into fashion over the last few years, but where record stores aren’t nearly as ingrained into the music culture as it is abroad—British clothing label Fred Perry is one of the organizations that continue to hold the torch for local record collectors. It’s a natural fit, with Fred Perry’s practical, functional shirts having become a uniform of sorts for a variety of subcultures. Artists, athletes, and people living alternative lifestyles have been able to rally under the brand’s signature Laurel Wreaths, in much the same way as how people have been able to gather at record stores to exchange music, fashion, food, and life stories.



This year, Fred Perry Philippines, in partnership with Haul Records and several high fidelity system providers, organized several events for those looking to celebrate Record Store Day on our shores. Record Parade, an analog party that gathered over a dozen record sellers and music selectors, was held on April 21 at Draft Punk Brewers and Skewers, Cebu City. Meanwhile, Fred Perry Laurel in Greenbelt 5, Makati City, has been holding its own celebration, encouraging visitors to bring and play records from their own collections from April 21 to 29. On April 28, the Greenbelt branch will hold one last gathering, with drinks from The Curator, and limited custom record cases and tote bags up for grabs—ensuring that Record Store Day stays alive in your home even after the music stops playing.



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