Fly Art latest collaboration with Thread 365 is a gift to pop culture

The two names have come together once again to release a second wave of top-notch tees

by Rogue

The two names have come together once again to release a second wave of top-notch tees.



The concept behind Fly Art has always been brilliant: put together works of fine art with hip-hop lyrics, and let the juxtaposition speak for itself. Fashion brand Thread 365 is similarly backed by a noble vision: produce tees that look good and feel good. It’s no surprise then the two names worked together before to create a line of high quality tees.


Following the triumph that was their first collaboration, the two brands come together once again for a second run of Fly Art x Thread 365 shirts. Fly Art wear may have been initially sold overseas, but it is through Thread 365 that these modern masterpieces can be made available for Filipino fashion enthusiasts and hip-hop devotees alike.


All Day Muscle Tee


Each visual and lyrical pairing by Fly Art is smart and deliberate. “We listen to a lot of rap music and note down sound bites that we think could work in a graphic context,” Fly Art has said, and that mindfulness comes through in every piece in the second collection, pulling lyrics from the likes of Frank Ocean and TLC, and drawing inspiration from fine art greats such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Utagawa Kuniyoshi.


Rick kids Chasing Waterfalls


The second collection also stays true to Thread 365’s commitment to fashion and function. Each tee is made with 100% cotton, and is designed to be durable. The collection also features more unisex silhouettes, which means more people now have a chance to rock a high quality Fly Art tee.

The works that comprise this new collection are sure to turn heads. There seems to be nothing else that resonates with culture today quite like the unification of fine art and hip-hop.




The new Fly Art x Thread 365 tees: “All Black”, “Rich Kids”, “Forever”, “Yeezy Taught Me” and Waterfalls will be available at and in CommonThread stores in Greenbelt 5 and Power Plant Mall. To know more about the collaboration and Thread 365, visit, follow @thread365 on Instagram, and like Thread 365 on Facebook.