Drinks Week – It’s All In the Provenance: the Remy Martin Champagne Cognac VSOP

Bold and complex are the two things that describe this fine libation

by Jerome Gomez, photo by Pia Samson


It is not an easy drink. That much is clear from the name: Fine Champagne Cognac VSOP. What does one make of it? Cognac is fine brandy whose origins is the similarly-named region in southwest France. In the same vein, champagne takes its name after its provenance, and where it gets its grapes, a region northside of France. The libation is called Champagne Cognac not because some bearded guy in a lab coat decided to mix the two. It is cognac made from grapes born out of two distinct areas within the Cognac region: the Grande Champagne and the Petit Champagne, locations that possess that “chalky soil” that make for the best conditions that produce the best grapes. Mix in Remy Martin into the equation, the revered 300-year-old name in the French cognac universe, and you know the word “fine” is not there as mere flourish.



Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac VSOP is bold and complex, two things that come to mind when the liquid first lands on the tongue. A balance of fruity notes with hints of liquorice, it results in a silky, full-bodied taste and aroma, elegant and multi-layered. This is not some fizzy light spirit one associates with festive sparkles as the “champagne” in its name suggests. Its the kind one enjoys in a quiet corner of a hotel bar as you take your time to decide where to get a proper dinner. The kind of drink frowned upon when you insist you need a cube of ice with it, or three. But go ahead and put ice; the bit of water will ease you into the drink, and its blend of bold flavors will just naturally rise to the occassion.