Curator: Mikko Santos

Foodie and entrepreneur Mikko Santos takes us through his closet, shares his latest passions, and tells us the secret to avoiding hangovers.

by ROGUE, photo by Colin Dancel
"I’m Mikko Santos and I’m in the restaurant business with my brother. So we handle Bowery, Borough, Nolita, etc. It’s actually a passion project by my other brother who started Ponti but then passed it on to us because he did other things na. We got inspired by food because our parents loved taking us to different places to try the food. I do marketing, branding as well as operations.

Aside from that I’m also a guy who likes to try everything. I was a drummer once. I’m also into sports. Right now I’m also trying to get into coffee. I just bought a machine. My friends are teaching me how to DJ now. Basically I try to do a lot of little things.

I also invest in other food business like Holy Smokes. Because at the end of the day, food really is my passion. I’m not a cook but I know what’s good and what works."




Favorite drink



Favorite sport

I play basketball every Sunday for three hours


Top 3 song on loop

I love oldies so Beegees-How Deep is Your Love, Tennishero-Alone and Dr Hook’s Sexy Eyes


3 things you can’t leave home without

My watch, phone and glasses because now I always need to have it.


Late night eats

Ziggurat on Makati Ave., Bowery of course, SExpress (Sinangag Express)


Describe your personal style.

Quality over quantity. I would pay for something expensive as long as I know I’m getting bang for my buck.


What’s a regular day for you like?

I wake up at either 8 or 9 in the morning even after a really late night out. For some reason I have to be up at that time. I stay in bed for about 10 minutes trying to pull myself together, go down and get chocolate milk haha and play with my dog then take a bath and do my emails. At 10 or 11 am I should be at any of our restaurants based on the schedule, either at Bowery or Lucky Chick. It’s either Ortigas or Fort lang naman but also Alabang now because of Nolita. I stay at the restaurants for at least 8 hours to make sure everything is okay. I go home to have dinner with my parents and back out at around 10pm to go to Bowery.


So you work during the day so you don’t have to at night when you’re back in Bowery?

Yeah. During the day I do na everything so I don’t have to worry about them at night.


How do you deal with late and long nights?

I get super tired talaga especially when I get hangovers. But my brother taught me to drink a pitcher of water before going to bed. Somehow it works!


Have you tried apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water? It works everytime.

What?! I’ll try that next time. [laughs]


Any grooming rituals?

Thankfully my skin isn’t very sensitive. So I just use soap for my face so long as I don’t get breakouts or anything. For my hair, since it’s very thick so I use hair wax. For fragrance it’s really CK be which I’ve been using for a long time and Heeley’s Sel Marin now.


Any key piece in your wardrobe?

I usually build my look by starting with the shoes I wanna wear that day.


What piece have you had in your closet for years that you still wear today?

The Common Projects sneakers I’ve been wearing for years. I have a new pair with the same color but I still wear that. For some reason I can’t let go of it. I just keep on stitching it back up. And still wear it to this day.


Most memorable purchase?

This Classic Rolex Datejust that I bought with my own money. I’ve always felt it was such a classic piece growing up. So I like it because of what it meant to me even if I have other watches now that are even more expensive, some given to me by my dad. This was the first one I also ever bought. This one also adds a bit of class to whatever I wear.