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Abra brings the underground rap battle out of the shadows

In his film debut Respeto, opening this weekend as part of the Cinemalaya film festival, hiphop artist Abra introduces the FlipTop Battle League to a...

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A review of the Filipino auteur’s most challenging, most provocative production since Kinatay

For One Night Only: The Out of Body Special

After a 4-year hiatus, OBS came to 'Give It'

SONA2017: Raffy Lerma Hasn’t Stopped Covering the War on Drugs

While the declaration of martial law in Mindanao has diminished the noise over extrajudicial killings, Raffy Lerma, who shot the most famous photograph of President...

The bright spot in the life of Luis Liwanag

The veteran photojournalist gets overdue recognition via a new documentary short

The Rogue Recap: July 14-20

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