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This Week In Cinemas – August 9, 2017

Things slow down in our cinemas in anticipation of the PPP

Wish You Were Here: Artist Carina Santos takes us to places both foreign and familiar

In Satellites for Minor Planets, the artist continues her fixation on landscapes and geography as alternative portraits

Festival Report – Cinemalaya 2017, Part 3

We wrap up our coverage of this year’s Cinemalaya with reviews of Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha, Sa Gabing Nanahimik ang mga Kuliglig, and Baconaua

Festival Report – Cinemalaya 2017, Part 2

In our continuing coverage of the festival, we pass judgment on Ang Guro Kong Di Marunong Magabasa, Requited, Bagahe and Kiko Boksingero

Festival Report – Cinemalaya 2017, Part 1

We review Nabubulok, Respeto, and opening film Birdshot.

Ellen, KC, Iza and past cover girls celebrate a decade of Rogue

Beautiful women, grade A cocktails, and Maurice Arcache made for a spirited party not even a tropical storm could stop

Pinoy Movieland In the Eyes of Neil Daza

Chito Roño's go-to cinematographer is staging his first exhibit of photographs from the movie set at the CCP. As he sheds light on the making...

This Week In Cinemas – August 2, 2017

Cinemalaya starts this weekend! Also: Baby Driver!