The Rogue Recap: May 12-18

Local website struggles with slow news week.

Other Sexy Novelty Acts From The 2000s Deserve A Place In Government, Too

In the interest of fairness, the Mocha Girls should bring their peers into public service.

The Rogue Recap: May 5-11

This week, lots of people got new jobs, and you’re not one of them.

The Rogue Recap: April 28 – May 4

Rich people being rich and the Philippine government being crazy: just another day in the darkest timeline.

Revisions To The NAIA Employee Handbook

Urgent changes in policy for dealing with difficult guests at the NAIA VIP Lounge

The Gospel According to Manny Pacquiao

We don’t really talk about theology in public anymore. As much as lawmakers may still reference the bible in debating various issues of the day,...

PH vs US: It’s Not a Competition

A head-to-head match-up between the worst of the worst from the Philippines and the United States.

The Martin Andanar Guide to Responsible Journalism

Rules to protect the delicate sensibilities of the chief presidential defender