SONA2017: Voices of Protest from Ten Fed-Up Musicians

A primer on protest music in the Philippines, from its composition and evolution to its relevance in a country that could always use more anger.

This Week In Cinemas – July 19, 2017

War, spaceships, and a romance set in Japan are among your cinematic options this week.

Dina Gadia Finds Her Balance and a New Maturity

In her latest and first all-paintings Silverlens show, Situation Amongst The Furnishings, the artist returns to top-of-mind territory

Festival Report – The 2nd ToFarm Film Festival – Part 2

The second half of our coverage of the country’s only agriculturally-themed film festival

Festival Report – The 2nd ToFarm Film Festival – Part 1

We dole out judgment on the six new films screening at the ToFarm Film Festival

Stripping the Art Scene Naked

The Art of Doing’s pilot project, Hubad na Katotohanan, wants to bring local art back down to its roots through nude sketching and uncensored talks.

This Week In Cinemas – July 12, 2017

Apes and horror! APES AND HORROR!

Whatever Happened to Bruce Lim

After closing several high-profile restaurants, the controversial chef reveals what he's been up to all these years.