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The Essential Guide to Cinema One Originals 2017

With nine new films, seven restored classics, and sixteen international winners, this year’s festival looks to be an embarrassment of cinematic riches.

This Week In Cinemas – November 8, 2017

Smaller movies sneak into cinemas on the week before another superhero blockbuster

Festival Report: QCinema 2017 Part 3

Quick hits on the other sections of the film festival.

This Week In Cinemas – November 1, 2017

Two local horror movies try their luck against a long-running Hollywood franchise

The Latest Season of Stranger Things Proves That the Show Is Just Getting Started

Stranger Things 2 succeeds when building its sci-fi mythology and fumbles in almost everything else.

Festival Report – QCinema 2017, Part 2

The provocative Balangiga shines in this year’s lineup.

This Week In Cinemas – Oct 25, 2017

Empoy Marquez butts heads with Chris Hemsworth in a battle for the ages

Festival Report – QCinema 2017, Part 1

In its fifth year, QCinema continues to grow and deliver some compelling cinema.