Veteran Movie Poster Designer Vic Delotavo Brings Back the Glory Days

In looking back at one artist’s body of work, the Vargas Museum’s latest exhibit takes a comprehensive snapshot of our local film industry’s past

Reimagining Life Cycles with ‘Rogue Wave’

The latest exhibition from artist Nikki Ocean sets out to take viewers on a multisensory trip through lush paintings and a sea of CD fragments

Reestablishing Jorge Vargas as Art Collector and Wartime Mayor

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‘Changing Partners’ Cuts to the Feeling

We review Vincent de Jesus’s gender-switching romance, which returns with the same issues, but with even more emotion, thanks to great music and inimitable performances

Gavel&Block’s Benefit Auction Trades Rare Art for Education

Salcedo Auctions’ subsidiary brand collaborated with the International School Manila to auction off works by old masters for the future of new students.

Love and Monsters: A Visit To The HR Giger Museum

From the aliens of Alien to Sil of Species, the Swiss surrealist’s unnerving biomechanical creatures lie in wait in a cheery medieval town known for...

Activating Areté, Ateneo’s New Creative Hub, Through the Work of Student Artists

By having Ateneo’s Fine Arts majors take full advantage of its facilities, the school’s newest building roars to new life.

‘Sa Wakas’ Fills a Plain Story with Great Music

With a less than compelling narrative but multilayered songs, the Sugarfree musical—now on its third and final run—is mostly for fans only.