December 9, 2015

Breguet’s new collection offers watches fit for royalty

Words by Mio Borromeo

The Swiss watch manufacturer pairs its trademark innovation with regal elegance to set a new standard for luxury time pieces


Classique 3797BR


The 240-year-old Manufacture Breguet continues to stake its claim over the domain of luxury watchmaking.

It is fitting that the company continues a tradition that can be traced to its beginnings when founder Abraham-Louis Breguet devoted his energies to extending the limits of watchmaking. Establishing the company in 1775, Breguet bears the reputation of having produced the world’s first wristwatch. Today the same ardor for innovation survives in a line whose watches effectively resist magnetism, encase the balance-spring and escapement in silicon, and utilize the fruits of pioneering research into acoustics and sound propagation.

Notably, Breguet does not stop at providing timepieces that are only technologically-forward. An equally ardent passion for design is evident in the current line with various pieces proposing alternative features to the traditional dial. It doesn’t take a skilled eye to take note of both clear and subtle features in each model face—minute variations on engraving patterns, design concepts that incorporate miniaturized maps of the world, and additional hands to display month, year, day, and the phases of the moon. It’s no wonder that Breguet numbers among its historical clients Marie Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples.



Breguet is available at the Lucerne boutiques in Glorietta 4 and Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

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