Only for the brave and the bold: The new Toyota Fortuner

Toyota aims to push the bar even further with its latest edition to its ever popular SUV, The Fortuner.

by Caesar Cruz

Even if you’re not a car expert, you’re probably familiar with the Fortuner.


Maybe you’ve driven it across the city and have found comfort behind the wheel amidst the hectic roads of Manila. Or maybe you’ve ridden one for that eventful weekend gateway. You could’ve even been in one last night, riding backseat after a couple of drinks with your friends. Whatever the case, the Fortuner has become that familiar yet trusted SUV you’ve encountered at least once in the last few years. And chances are you’re going to spend more time with it in the near future.

Almost the moment it was released way back in 2005, Toyota’s mid-size SUV became a household name as well as the new benchmark for the modern day motorist. For more than a decade, it’s been the SUV of choice for so many. It’s the perfect size for a family of 5, the perfect build for a long drive outside the city, and the go-to all-purpose vehicle one needs for the chaotic Philippine traffic. If you don’t believe us, just look outside your side window and we’re pretty sure you’ll see the Fortuner on the road—maybe even several. It’s hard to miss one given its instantly iconic look but while the design of the Fortuner has provided a level of quality and aesthetic that many other companies have tried to imitate, you can chalk the SUV’s longevity to its world-class durability, as well as its all-terrain capabilities.

This year, Toyota aims to push the bar even further with its latest edition to its ever popular SUV. According to Hiroki Nakajima, the executive chief engineer of the All-New Fortuner, Toyota’s concept to build a true SUV with style and confidence was the result of their “continuous efforts to redefine toughness.” And the 2016 model gives the familiar Fortuner a tougher and more streamlined aesthetic. The latest Fortuner has been updated from front to back with its slender headlamps to the newly designed 17-inch and 18-inch alloy wheels, for the G and V grades respectively.

The updated interiors are also a highlight of their own. The new 6.5’ capacitive touchscreen audio with navigation and its 4.2” TFT multi-info display stands out as a true stress-reliever—the perfect pairing for any kind of driver.

It’s easy to accept the Fortuner as a dependable city SUV but for those looking for the perfect road trip vehicle, the all-new Fortuner more than meets those needs. Its Drive Mode Select capabilities allows the Fortuner to easily transition from fuel efficient drives to handle more demanding terrains and the Switch Type 4×4 Mode Select makes sure that the SUV can adapt to any and all road conditions. These new features pretty much give you the perfect excuse to go escape the city and go on that long weekend drive you’ve been wanting.

Despite the success and familiarity the Fortuner has amassed over the last decade, it refuses to be anything close to predictable. And this all-new 2016 model is no exception. It’s a vast upgrade to say the least, one that’s dynamic and provides a much bolder style any discerning driver demands.