Black Mirror Returns Once Again to Make You Question Your Technological Choices

The trailer for the latest season of Charlie Brooker’s anthology series promises more sadness as we stare into our screens.

by Rogue


The irony of a show that is so much about the dark consequences of technology consuming our lives being on a now-ubiquitous platform that is a leading cause of people staring at screens is probably not lost on the creators of Black Mirror. They’re too smart for that, and the show seems to thrive on the paradox of its provenance.



The trailer for the fourth season of the show, which premieres on Friday, December 29th, promises more of the same brand of techno-paranoia. Black Mirror continues to rattle the cage of our complacent acceptance of all things technological, perhaps leading to some nervous breakdowns as viewers are confronted with the way their lives are now being run by devices. They are likely, after all, to be watching the series on one of these devices, consumed by the show’s twisted extrapolations of culture while receiving notifications from dozens of other apps.



Featured in the trailer are glimpses of a varied menu of pessimistic entertainment: a little riff on Star Trek, a story that explores modern dating, a trip into a rather unusual museum, and a black-and-white thriller involving some sort of violent creature, among other things. One of the pull-quotes they use in the trailer is from Collider’s Adam Chitwood: “At least we’ll be entertained while the world’s going to hell.” And that really does sum it up. Black Mirror will return to deliver a few, glorious hours of wonderfully produced, darkly entertaining social commentary, before disappearing to leave us with the empty glow of our devices.


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