Bengy Toda cements himself as one of the best landscape photographers of our time

Provenance Gallery’s upcoming exhibit showcases the work of legendary lensman Bengy Toda

by Jam Pascual

Provenance Gallery’s ongoing exhibit showcases the work of legendary lensman Bengy Toda


bengy portrait 2

Photo courtesy of Bengy Toda.


From waterfalls to mountaintops, rivers to rice terraces, the subjects of Bengy Toda’s photography all possess an inherent sense of grandness. Nature is bigger than all of us, he seems to say with every snapshot, the acquisition of which often takes miles of trekking. The National Museum seems to understand Toda’s vision, considering the fact that they’ve added his landscape photographs to their permanent collection. Even then, the man is not content to rest on his laurels, still taking photos while running his production house Studio 58 Lab 10. All these details in mind, which lift his name to living legend status, should make his upcoming show at Provenance Gallery, Building Bridges, something to watch out for. And because of Provenance’s uniquely international reach, one can’t help but think that outsiders being introduced to Toda’s work for the first time will come to see the Philippines differently—as something grand, bigger than all of us.


bengy toda 2

Bengy Toda III, “Middle Side Barracks 1 Corregidor” (43.16″x60″, Fujiflex crystal archive photographic). Image taken from Provenance Gallery’s Facebook page.

bengy toda photos

Bengy Toda III, “Puente de Lakawan” (45″x60″, Fujiflex crystal archive photographic) Image taken from Provenance Gallery’s Facebook page.


The show “Building Bridges” is ongoing at Provenace Gallery (Shangri-La at the Fort, 2/F Retail Unit 2F9, 5th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig). For more information on Provenance Gallery, check out Rogue Magazine’s June 2016 issue.