Azzaro Wanted: “Let’s be clear: it’s not a gun.”

Azzaro Wanted, the latest French brand’s latest men’s scent, wants you to be young, wild, and free.

by Jacs T. Sampayan

“Let’s be clear: it’s not a gun,” Sadrine Groslier intones with a smile on her face.


The youthful Clarins Fragrance Group president was referring to the bottle design of Azzaro Wanted, the brand’s latest men’s fragrance. “It could be a barrel of a gun, but it could be a barrel of a clock. It’s primarily a mechanical piece,” she explains. “We wanted to have that idea of power, but that of luxury.” It is definitely eye-catching, with its rotating cylinder, chromed collar, gold medallion accents, and techno-chic style.



The design is meant to reflect both its contents—a confident concoction of spicy, woodsy, and citrusy notes—and the identity it tries to imbibe. Azzaro Wanted is meant to be the third pillar of the French label’s male fragrances after Chrome and Pour Homme. While the scents before it are for the latter stages of an Azzaro man’s life, Wanted is meant for the young man who lives his life with an excitement borne out of risk and rebelliousness. Groslier relates this to the personality of the brand’s late founder Loris Azzaro, a man who knew how to have fun.


“We wanted to have that spirit of Loris Azzaro of knowing how to enjoy life, loving luxurious things, being well-educated, and having savoir-faire,” she says. “If he were alive today, I can imagine he would fit well with millennials,” she says. “He wanted to gamble with life. Do you know he used to go to casinos and bet everything? Everything.”


In that regard, she believes that there is a universal appeal to the brand, and the thrilling life it espouses marries well with its other values of accessibility, perennity, and loyalty. “In a way, you begin with us and stay all your life with us.”


The Coolest Job in the World

The campaign for the new scent had to represent the fast-paced living of young Azzaro man. It depicts this in a short film starring suited hero driving around wild Barcelona in a Ford Mustang. And the man behind the wheel? Serbo-Norwegian model Nikolai Danielsen, who the brand describes as having the body of “Channing Tatum, the casualness of Ryan Gosling and the menacing handsomeness of Christian Grey.” Such a random combination of names to reference, we’re sure, but here we are.


But he did own the Catalonian capital like the millennial that he is, with a swagger belying the jittery excitement he was feeling. He talks about a job that a lot of guys would kill for:


How would you describe the hero you play in the film?

He’s a man’s man, a real guy, the king, the man all men dream of becoming one day.


What did you and particularly difficult to do during filming?

The scene that was shot underwater, with a suit and shoes on to boot. That was the hardest. I thought it would be easy because I had already done an underwater sequence before, but this time it was more difficult. I wanted to do the scene myself, but I was told that I had a double for the action scenes. I was very disappointed! Fortunately, I was finally able to do everything, from the diving scene to the car getaways.


And the most exciting?

The scene with the car was fantastic. Every guy dreams of driving a car like that, at least once in his life. I also enjoyed doing the more erotic scenes in the swimming pool and clubhouse—not bad at all (laughs)! Frankly, the role wasn’t very hard to interpret. I even thought it was the coolest job I’d ever had in my entire career as a model. Driving a collector’s car, kissing sublime women, wearing beautiful out it’s signed by Azzaro… it’s a dream come true! The life of a millionaire, a playboy and a gangster, all in one!


Azzaro Wanted retails for P5,220 and is available at the SM Store, Fresh, and Art of Scent.

This article was originally published in the August Issue of Rogue.