#ArtPH: lighting Twitter on fire with art

Rogue’s art staff handpicks 12 of the best homegrown illustrators and designers sharing their work through social media.

by Rogue

Mark Santiago, Junior Art Director


Illustrations like @yapip07’s kind will always be a favorite of mine not just because it’s the type of art that made me want to start drawing seriously in the first place, but primarily because of how fascinated I still am by the amount of texture, depth, and detail you can create with just a pencil or pen.


I was drawn to @kneesell’s abstract faces because of the bold use of colors, lines, and shapes. Even if viewed all together (or as a set?), the variation makes each one seem interesting enough to be viewed on its own.


At first glance, before I even read the caption, I thought these were realistically painted scenes from an imagined anime show, but I quickly realized they were created in local, commonplace settings. When you see the same things in the same places you pass by almost everyday, it all becomes very mundane and even sickening to an extent, but I like how @aeon_ix’s images were able to recreate these familiar scenes and places and make me appreciate them in a different light, even making me feel a sense of nostalgia through their warm tones.



Mags Ocampo, Digital Art Director


The #artPH tag is flooded with illustrations and while they’re all pretty great, I love that some people were confident enough to post different kinds of art. One of my favourites is this post of @HammieG’s own clothing designs. The designs themselves are very Kawakubo-esque, the craftsmanship looks amazing, and the styling is pretty cool.


We’ve worked a couple of times with Jill (@jillarteche) and yet I’m still keep finding myself grinning in awe of what she comes up with. Other than having such a distinct style and colour palette, her illustrations always have a dash of humor and wit to them.  


I’ve always been a fan of gritty, grungy, somewhat punk aesthetics and glitch art definitely falls under that category. Not only do @mimisilog’s photos look amazing but she creates her art through coding. As someone who only knows how to do these kinds of effects via Photoshop, I’m majorly impressed.



Chesca Gamboa, Art Director

I’m drawn to this pen and paper ink style of @heyitsmemady. Reminds me of those sketches I would make back in high school during class (except hers turned out nice).


If I were an illustrator, this would be my style. Clean and minimalist but still graphic.


If I were an illustrator, this would be my style part 2. If there’s one kind of graphics I enjoy, it would be infographics (and I think maps fall under those?). Seeing the combination of illustrations with perfectly matched fonts that are well laid out are pleasing to the eyes. Also I chose @aniciaclean because I have a long lost dream of creating custom typefaces and her work reminds me of Jessica Hische’s daily drop cap project (amaze. And who doesn’t love Jessica Hische?)


Andrew Panopio, Digital Junior Art Director

I think it’s such a big deal when artists know how to build on a story through proper contrast. @mialags’ work is so full of depth– I love how soft the light feels in the illustration of the girl in the Japanese room. If you check out the rest of her work you can really feel how strongly she uses contrast in order to bring out the personality in her subjects and the story out of her backgrounds.


Character and personality design separates @softgoop’s work from much of what I found in the #ArtPH tag. The little girl eating chips while watching TV looks like that classmate who makes too many bad jokes and laughs too annoyingly. I love how immediately that story struck me.


I landed on @eyacalimlim’s collages and I definitely felt the surreal and psychedelic tones she was going for. Collaging is a pretty popular medium in art but the artists that really get to me are those who know how to drive a distinct feeling– exploiting the absurd nature of pasting pictures together.